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Hey there!

I know its not Friday, but no way can I wait this long, emotions are too fresh and they N E E D to be written…

So a month in New Year and I already failed my first resolution, involving this blog. Please tell me, you do this too, so I can feel less stupid about it… Anyway, this post is not about me, nor about makeup for that matter. If you are my friend, chances are you already know what I’m writing about, since I most likely have been up into your ears for ages, especially last two days, if, for some reason, I haven’t told you yet, this is again a post about Andrew Flame. For me its hard to get into something, but you can bet once I am in, it has me hooked for a very long time. This one, I think, might be for life..And I can promise you, you will most likely see more posts about the band in the future, since I am planning to go to every single of their concert this year, so expect this to become a saga :).

I honestly don’t know how to get this straight, since I have so many feelings about it, and its all mixed up in a warm and fuzzy ball inside my stomach..I was supposed to write this yesterday, but I couldn’t because of all the warmest feelings, and if my thoughts are still all scattered, I am so sorry, but I H A V E to write this. Don’t get me wrong, noone is forcing me to do this, I am just honestly passionate about them and I want the world to know about this band. And no, I am not that popular for the whole world to read this, but if I can get at least five people to check them out and like them, that’s what I am gonna do. And yes, I did need all this long introduction to tell you that I went to Andrew Flame concert at Tamsta Club last Saturday..I knew for sure they were great, but I didn’t expect the outcome which I got. Its no secret, and I believe I have mentioned couple times before on this blog, that I have social anxiety, so if you ever encountered that, you would know, how much of a challenge for me it was to go on my own, but I did it, and thats what matters. Btw, should I make a post about social anxiety, would someone be interested to hear my story?? Anyway, I am so glad I overdone myself, because the payback I got, oh it was so sweet… Granted,  I have not been to many concerts in my life, but I still can claim, I have never seen a band that honest, down on the ground and awesome in all the possible ways. It goes without saying, that the concert was awesome, the music was amazing, and the mood, oh the mood was there. If you even knew, how good they sound live, there have been a few moments, where I thought to myself, “damn, how do they do that?” 🙂 I wish I could find more words to write about the concert, but I can’t say anything else, except it was BEYOND AMAZING. But moreover, I was mind blown, how much they appreciate their fans, and how much our support means to them. They weren’t too proud to come see each and every fan of theirs after the concert and have a little chat. Now, who does that?? I was soooo impressed. It was the evening, where I realized the meaning of the saying “high on life”. And trust me, if it wasn’t the end of the month, and I wouldn’t have to work, I would be going to Latvia to see them play on the 7th in Liepaja, and 8th in Riga. As far as I know, they don’t have the concrete dates on other concerts, but trust me, I will let you know once I find something out.

af1 af2 af3

Their Facebook page

You can listen to them on Youtube

You can download their songs right there.

I feel like I didn’t say everything I wanted, but its so hard to describe what I experienced, and for the ones who didn’t come with me, well, it’s your loss.


Gosh Catchy Eyes Mascara review


So, this post is way too long overdue, and it deserved to be written down much much longer ago. I think I have mentioned somewhere, that as someone, who is a beauty blogger in mind (even if I have been absent forever), it takes me a lot to pick the same product up twice, but when I do, it really is worth it.

I am probably the worst beauty blogger in the world, because I’m blogging about 2012 autumn/winter collection in 2014, but as a famous saying goes, “it’s better late than never”. So let me proudly introduce the best mascara in the world. I believe I briefly wrote about it in the best of 2012 post, but I feel like it deserves a separate post.

Few weeks ago, I realized my favorite mascara “Gosh catchy eyes”  has come to its end, since it had a funky smell and went wayy too clumpy, so with the breaking heart, I threw it in the trash. I believe it took me few days to go ahead and pick new one up without even considering any other options.

To start with, I love the curvy shape its brush has, and it helps to get close to my lash line, and holds my lashes in curve. The bristles are so far apart, that it catches every single of your eyelash, and makes it appear much longer. I know it is a personal preference, but the brush is rubbery as opposed to plastic and I love that. Or though with one coat it gives enough definition, I find it doesn’t clump with two either. I have gotten quite a few compliments, while wearing it, and I am proud to have this in my Holy Grail product list. I feel, like even on a super lazy days, some concealer, this mascara and a nude lipstick would make you look and feel great :). So overall it is a great product from Gosh, which proves its name worth it :). I swear I tried to employ my mom as a photographer, but it didn’t turn out that great, and I suck at taking selfies, so you will just have to take my word for it..

Have you ever tried this product? Did you like it? Is there something from Gosh you would like me to review? Let me know in the comment section bellow! 🙂

FCC: fangirling Andrew Flame


So firstly let’s get the fact, that this post is all about #fangirling, and has nothing to do with makeup, out. If you are here solely for the reviews, and makeup related discussions, you are strongly advised to skip this :). From now on, every Friday I would just sit and write about the things, which are on my mind, which not necessarily has something to do with beauty, but I feel like its worth to discuss and hopefully you would join me with your insight on things in the comment section bellow 😉

I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to introduce you to Friday chit chats category by writing about this awesome band, I had no knowledge of, just few weeks ago. However, as a part of Christmas gift, I got to go to the concert with my aunt. Going and enjoying the concert itself was a huge challenge to me, but I can proudly say, that I did it :). And eh, how glad I am I went, because I would have never known about this amazing group called Andrew Flame. I enjoyed one of their songs so much, I had to record it on my phone -sorry for violating at least one of copyright rules, but who is not guilty for this 🙂 ?!! For  my deep disappointment, they were allowed only two songs :/. So, of course, once I got an opportunity, I found them on YouTube, listened to the other songs, made a conclusion that they are indeed incredible. But do I ever trust my judgement? I had to send link to my cousin, who has musical education, and she confirmed, that they are “very good”.

If I were you, I would have ran to Google search or YouTube by now, and found at least one of the songs for a listen (e.g. Too Many Movies), but if you didn’t, let me come at you with a killer argument. They also turned my life around. I have to a confession to make, and it will sound weird to most of you, but due to some emotional letdown, I haven’t been listening to the music for about four plus years, and Andrew Flame changed that. In fact, I’ve had most of their songs on repeat ever since Christmas and learned some of the lyrics by now, and am scaring neighbors by blasting them out loud and singing along – have in mind I can’t nor do I like singing what so ever, but somehow you just can’t help it :).

And and and – INSANE FANGIRLING ALLERT – they communicate with their fans! I left a few comments on their Facebook page, which they did reply to almost immediately, and they also liked few of my statuses, which might as well, have had me squeal a little *blush*. And yes, I’m gonna force a song on you in case you have resisted googling or clicking on the link through out the post..

They are having concert in Kaunas, on 31st of January, at Punto Jazz Palėpė, and the 1st of February in Vilnius, at Tamsta Club and oh do I wish a don’t have to work on that day, because I’m going no matter what! Anyone wants to keep me company? You are more than welcome :).

P.S. No, they didn’t pay me for this post, neither did they ask me to make it, I am just genuinely into them, and thought I would share their music with you, in case you are missing out 🙂

P.P.S. Let me know what you think of them, and which song of theirs did you enjoy most of?

New Years Resolutions, 2014

So outside world, hello again, there.  In the hope I still have a few loyal readers left, I  would like to sincerely apologize for not writing anything for ages, but I feel like 3+ months in the hospital does make a decent excuse. However, with the New Years approaching, I feel like I should make a come back and try to wake my blog up from a very long and very early winter time sleep.. In the hope of “New Year, New Leafs” I’m going to try to post as often as I can, to make this blog more structured and more appealing to the readers. So  firstly let me introduce to my few NY’s resolution, which doesn’t involve this blog..

1. To start learning Spanish and Japanese;

2. To go to Spain for a few weeks;

3. To cozy up my flat, and make a nice makeup counter.

4. Remember my old passion for making jewelry and spice up this blog with pictures.

As for the blogging, my resolutions are as follows:

1. Blog much more often – attempt for everyday blogging, but set on for at least 3 posts a week.

2. Make the blog more structured, introducing daily categories, such as Fridays chit chats.

3. Write more posts about makeup, not only skincare..

4. Try to concentrate as much as possible on natural, cruelty-free brands with a few exceptions of unique Asian products.

5. Do some tag posts 🙂 .

And the last, but probably the hardest one, go on 90 days not-buying makeup or skincare ban, where I will only be allowed one product a month solely for blogging purposes, so I can introduce you to the news on the market…

Let me know, what are your New Years Resolutions, and how do you plan on achieving them?

Have a very nice time letting out old year and meeting the new ones! 🙂

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea See the Difference Serum

Oh, I wish it was easier to write than to say it, and it seems like this everyday blogging challenge might not be my cup of tea. On the other hand, I think it might be related due to eight hours  spent at work talking , and when I get home, I just want some silence. That might sound weird to you, but when I write, I speak to myself and you guys in my mind, and it’s not always something I am up to when I get home after a hard day. However, after the popular saying, don’t write if you can not write, but I can’t, so I will try to write as often as I can, maybe at the very least every second or third day.

So my last review was about the cheap and wonderful mask, this one will be about expensive, but amazing serum. I am not sure how many of you have heard about Ole Henriksen brand, I have been introduced to it while in Denmark, or though my student budget didn’t really let me get any of their products, I still used every opportunity to at least get a sample. I am trying to do project pan:sample edition* to use up my makeup pouch full of samples, and I have pulled an Ole Henriksen See the difference serum. On one hand, I’m so glad I did, on the other, I kind of wish I hadn’t, since I’ve became obsessed with it, and I want to get a full size, but not only we don’t have it here, it also costs quite a lot if it needs to be ordered over the internet. So if any of you ever see it on discount on any of homepage, would you please be so kind and yell aloud :)?

If you are a regular reader of mine – hopefully more regular than me as a blogger – you should know I find it hard to write a post without a long introduction, but let me try to get to the description of the product :).

The first thing you notice when using the product, is the smell. Its amazing, if you are just as much lemon scent lover as I am. It smells amazing, it has very refreshing scent, and its great for both waking you up and helping you to get ready for the night.

Secondly, I love the consistency of this serum. I dont know about you, but I am not a fan of those very liquidy clear serums, mostly just because, being as clumsy as I am, I manage to get it all over place, and they leave sticky consistency on my face. This serum, however, has more of the creamy fluid consistence, which I really like, it makes it very easy to massage it all over my face and it doesn’t leave my face sticky.

Thirdly, -I know every second blogger says this, but I don’t know how not to –  a little bit goes a long way, and I’ve been using a tiny little sample for four days now, day and night, and I still have some left. So I guess you would use the full size package forever, and in the end you will end up actually saving money.

And for the impact on my skin, I am also excitedly impressed. Long hours in front of computer makes my skin look dull and tired, but I can honestly tell this serum have refreshed it and made much more brighter. Also, I know its’ primary function isn’t to correct dark under eyes, but it must be a vitamin c in the product, which have brightened my under eye area and I could even say tightened it a little bit.

And last, but not least, did I mention that my skin is baby soft ever since I’ve been using this product? 🙂 Overall, I think I have run out of words which describes how awesome this product is, but I’m very very impressed. Tell me, did you ever tried any of Ole Henriksen products? Did you like them?

I hope you all have a wonderfull weekend!

*project pan is when you choose a said amount of products which have been occupying space in your vanity for too long, and set your mind on using them up 🙂

Face Mask “Teebaum” review

Moving from ecological, quite extraordinary products to the ones affordable to anyone, I would like to talk about the face mask, called “Teebaum”. My overseas friends, I apologize one more time, you probably don’t have this either, but its good I am doing swaps with some of you, huh? Or though I love myself some luxury in my skincare routines, in no way do I look down on cheap products, especially if they have raves all over the internet. One of Lithuanian biggest forums have pushed me into making the decision to pick this mask up, and I am glad, I did.

It is a deep cleaning clay mask, with the Russian origins, I believe. It does have a minty scent – have you noticed my obsession with mint yet? :), a pale green color – so if you have a second half, or sensitive family members, aim to apply it while alone to avoid giving someone a heart atack.

In my eyes this mask has just a perfect consistency, which is not too stiff, not too runny, and just perfect to apply straight of the tube.  I think I have already mentioned somewhere, but I have to feel my mask on my face, let it be heating, tingling, or tightening on my face, or otherwise in my head, its being put on “it doesn’t work” shelf. This give me a slight sensation of tingling and tightening my face, and after I have used it, my pores looks tiny bit smaller. Moreover, my skin feels a tiny bit brighter and cleaner after just one use. I won’t say it does miracles overnight, but it does clean your skin. If you are not commitment phoebe, and can use the same mask several times in a row a week, I strongly recommend you pick this up. However, if you have more drier skin, you might want to skip it, because I found it slightly drying on my combination skin. But, besides its  availability, and a tiny bit difficulty washing it off, its the only con I can think off :). Tell me, have you tried it? Do you have it in your country?

Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow 🙂

Natura siberica shampoo/conditioner review

Disclaimer: my camera is broken, and no-one knows where the cable of my phone is, so I will have to borrow pictures from the broad internet for a while, but once I get hands on a camera I will retake the pictures again.

I don’t know if you can see some pattern here, but as it seems I am starting to choose more natural brands over the others recently, and besides that hair mask, I haven’t regretted a thing yet. Well, now probably not all of you overseas would know this brand, but my Lithuanian readers are most likely familiar with this brand. I haven’t tried anything from them before, but just before I was planning to get my hair died, I thought that my hair might need some pampering, and I wanted to get something  without sulfates, specifically for colored hair – little did I know, my hair would turn out the color I was dying to get rid off as soon as possible :).

photo courtesy:

The shampoo and conditioner I am gonna talk about is from the brand called Natura Siberica. Even though, it was my first product from them, I got  surprised how good shampoo and conditioner worked on my hair. Shampoo has a very strong, but not irritating berry smell, it lathers very good, and almost immediately it gives volume to your hair, making them a little bit fuller.  Moreover, it cleans your hair very well, even after you have spoiled them with an oil mask 🙂 . More importantly, it doesn’t dry out my hair, and leaves them silky, Conditioner has a perfect texture, it is not too runny or too thick, its easy to divide it on your hair, it doesn’t make your hair oily or anything, and leaves hair looking healthy and shiny.  In some way, this conditioner also feels like the professional one they use at the hairdressers :). The only con of the conditioner is the smell, which to my senses of smell is not similar to the shampoo and tiny bit irritating.

And apparently I need to learn how to write a decent review on such a simple everyday item as a shampoo 🙂 . Sorry if this post looks a bit abrupt, but I’m learning. Hopefully you are having a perfect week :).

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