Yves Rocher first order and reviews

I have gotten my order couple of weeks ago, and I am so glad about it. For some reason, I always imagined, that Yves Rocher is a very expensive company..Imagine my surprise, when I found out it was not expensive at all! Here it is how it looks all together:

So I bought 1) Body Scrub in White Peach Scent, 2) Aqua Tonic Mask in Grape Scent, 3) Room Spray in Spicy Scent, 4) Ecologic Body Lotion and 5) Shower Gel in Vanilla Scent, 6) Shower gel in Lime from Mexico Scent, 7) Shower Gel in Spicy Scent and a 8) Sexy Pulp Lipgloss 9) 3in1 Sunkissed Firming Moisturizer . Overall, I am happy with the purchase, but the Body Scrub is just awful…I am not that keen on the smell, when I smelled it straight from the jar, I thought – yeah, that’s what happens when you buy things from the Internet. It gets better on the skin though, but I don’t like the consistency, and it dries my skin out immediately to the point of hurting… That is a shame, since I made that order basically because of the scrub. I tried the scrub first, and then got totally freaked out, because I started wondering if other products will be as bad.

Luckily for me (and Yves Rocher, I bet that wasn’t my last order), I tried the mask afterwards. That is simply amazing..I love the smell, it is not overwhelming, but very pleasant, it gets on smoothly on your skin, and I can see the effect 5 minutes after I have used it. I am very happy about it.

Another product which was a success, was a room spray, that smells amazing, and it gives your mood a little boost. i have been using it in the rainy days, and for some reason, I was in Christmas mood most of the time, I am pretty sure it has something to do with the spray, which smells just like Christmas cakes and cookies.

However, the Shower Gel in the same scent haven’t impressed me as much, I open the bottle, smelled it, made a grimacy face, and closed it… Shower Gel in Lime is totally different experience, though. I love it! Since it is citrusy scent, so it is kind of ‘pick me up’ thing, which I use when I want to wake up, or feel a bit blue… I am falling in love with it, and that is so far one of my favourites shower gels.

The Vanilla Body Lotion is amazing though, my skin was in extreme need of some moisturizing after I have tried the scrub, so I tried this lotion, I really really liked it, it kept my skin soft, moist and happy for about three days, and smell is just divine. It is sweet, it is girlish, but that’s exactly what I am in the mood for in the recent days.

I am rather impressed with their Lipgloss Sexy Pulp as well. I don’t know about you, but for me it is rather important, that LipGloss not only has a colour I enjoy, but it has to have pleasant smell as well, and this lipgloss lives up to the expectations since it has sweet berry smell.

However, I really haven’t had the opportunity to try the last product out yet, so I will have to get back to it. I hope you enjoyed the reviews and will come back to the coming review of couple of products from The Body Shop, as well as my opinions of nail polishes.

Have a very nice summer day 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ieva Wakabayashi
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 10:49:46

    Thanx for introducing Yves Rocher. So far I have only heard the name of the company. I will consider buying shower Gel in Lime since I am crazy about citrus smell!


  2. Jolita
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 10:13:54


    paskaitau kartais tavo blogą, įdomu buvo apie YR paskaityt, pas mus tų parduotuvių pilna, tai kažkada užsikabinau, bet dabar jau biški nusibodo, nes neatnaujina jie savo produktų, tai visos dušo želės išbandytos (gaunu dar visokių kuponų, kai perki kažką ir gauni visada dovanų,tai taip ir prisirinkau pabandymui), rolai pažastims ir pan.
    Nežinau ar patinka toks kvapas, bet aš kai jį atsidariau tai norėjau paragaut, nu kveeeepiaaaa nerealiai!

    Ir po dušo oda skaniai kvepia, tai jei manai, kad patiks toks kavos/kremo kvapas, rekomenduočiau šitą.

    iš dušo želių dar patiko apelsinų, lotuso, limo. kažkada granatų atsirado kaip naujiena, pabandžiau, ir dar net du pirkau, bet nepatinka, neskaniai kvepia, na bet čia jau skonio reikalas, aišku 🙂
    o dar ten nerealūs kokosiniai lūpų balzamai, žinoma, jei kokoso kvapas prie širdies.


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