Current skincare routine

So, at the age of almost 27 I have finally realised, that I should give a little bit more attention to my skin, then just simply washing it and randomly putting some moisturizer once in a while. At the moment I am on the search of the products I would like to use daily, however, currently me and my skin is very happy about the products I am using right now.  Just to be clear, it is not an actual review post, it is just a post letting you to know, what I use on my skin, and maybe introduce you to a couple of brands. The actual reviews are coming up after I have used the products for a while longer, and can form my true and honest opinon about them.

So, my morning starts by using a set from Danish skincare, from left to right: the cleansing gel, exfoliating gel – which you need to leave to absorb, sometimes I exchange this with an amazing scrub from Badeanstalten, and follow it up with Danish skin care moisturizer.

For the night the routine is pretty much the same, except I use a night cream and eyecream from Madara, and sometimes instead of the night cream I would use  face oil with carots from Sæbeværkstedet.

And if I see any acne or blemishes, I would dab those with the Spotless by Sprunk-Jansen.

My skin is already glowing just after a week, and I can’t help but think, ‘I have such a beautiful skin’ everytime I look at the mirror.

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Don’t hesitate and tell me in the comments, how do you treat your skin?

Disclaimer: some of the companies have kindly agreed to send me some products or samples for review purposes. From now on those would written in Italic font, however, my opinions are completely honest, and if I won’t like the product, I will tell you so, and I don’t get paid by any of the companies.

Efi intuition – shaving system

Hi guys!

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and the season transition from summer to autumn is not greeting you with some nasty colds, or other infections..On that note, if you know any good trick for strengthening immune system, please do share, since I am starting to be sick of getting sick all the time. However, it might also be the way my body tries to cope with stress due to the end of my work contract, etc. But my post has absolutely nothing to do with getting sick, I simply can’t avoid writing an introduction…

Now this post is actually about a live saver, at least for me. One of the most difficult beauty routines for me is actually shaving… I can’t pull myself together to do this. I have tried razors – ouch, always end up with the nasty cuts, not to talk about zits, and ingrown hair, wax – what a pain, and a mess, and creams – my heart aches even to think how much nasty ingredients are there, and it doesn’t always work as effectively as it could.

So no wonder, that once I found a commercial for Efi intuition, I decided to give it a try. Basically, it is smartly designed soap on a handle with integrated razor. You are supposed to use it under a shower, on a very wet skin, the soap gets wet, it lathers up a bit and functions as a shaving gel. I still need a little bit of practice try my best not to make a cut just around the knees, but other than that – it doesn’t take more than ten minutes, and you are good to go. You don’t even have to throw some moisturize on, as you would definitely should after shaving with a razor. When it comes to changing the blade, it is easier than 2 times 2, you just press the button to remove the old one, and pop the new one in.

The price in my head is quite reasonable, you pay 39kr to get it as a trial, and then 250kr every four months to get a refil of the blades. However, it might be, that you save up some of the refils, so you can spring over a quarter whenever you want. Honestly, I can’t really find a bad thing about this product, and I think it is something I will be using forever.

What products do you use? Can you recommend something better than this?

Pink, pink, pink or review of Lee Stafford Poker Straight mini kit

I don’t know about you, but recently I am very much into pink. Pink dress, pink hair pins, pink boxes, you name it. It might be that the girlish phase is catching up with me, maybe even from childhood, since I honestly can’t remmember owning a pink clothing item, probably, ever. Or it is just the magazines which don’t hold off on emphazising how trendy pink is at the moment. So everytime I see something pink, I have to stop just as in front of red line, and investigate it. No wonder, the pretty pink set have caught my eye, while looking what to buy in exchange of  the free make-up I have gotten in Esthetique.  And man, how am I glad that I picked up the Lee Stafford Poker Straight kit. The set consists of a shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and a dry shampoo. It is a mini sizes, so it is perfect to try if you never used the product before, or if your hair tends to act strangely while using new shampoos.  I have to admit, I have fallen in love, and until I will find something better, I am never coming back. Like I can ever write a short introduction, but let’s jump over to the actual review part of this post.

Firstly, all products in the kit smell amazing, it smells as some very delicious cupcake, which flavour I wasn’t able to define yet, but everytime I use that shampoo in the shower, I can’t help but immediately think of baking, cupcakes, and even cinammon rolls (even though it doesn’t smell of cinammon at all, it just makes you think about cozy things). Also, usually, if I wash my hair in the morning, the smell would stick around and I wouldn’t bring myself to use any perfume, because I would feel like overdoing it.

The conditioner is also as good as the shampoo. It has the perfect consistency, you can easily rub it through your hair, and almost instanstly feel the effect. It leaves my hair glossy, silky, and it gives me quite a boost of self-confidence, which, believe me, I am lacking practically every second day (the day I don’t wash my hair, heh 🙂 ). And I am not sure if that’s just a coincidence, or if it really instantly makes me more pretty, since I always seem to get a compliment from bf, after I have used the conditioner..

The hairspray is also above my expectations. I usually have two issues with the hairsprays: the smell, and the residue it leaves on my hair. However, Lee Stafford’s Poker Straight Dehumidifier has none of those issues. It might have a little aerosol smell to it, but it is not overpowering at all, and I feel it also has the same, however faint scent as Shampoo and Conditioner. And for the texture, appart from the fact that my hair holds where I want them to be, I couldn’t even tell I have the hair spray on. It is obviously making its way in the summer favorites, and I am sure I will be picking up the full size bottle if I see it on discount, or when I run out of this one, and on the rate I am using it, it is gonna happen rather soon.

The last, but not least, the dry shampoo. So far I have about four dry shampoos in my collection, and two of them are completely forgotten somewhere in the corner of the bathroom drawer. On the days where I am in the need of some refreshing, and shower is not an option, I reach for a dry shampoo. So far this one is winning over the Lush one, basically because it is much more convenient and I don’t have a huge mess to clean up after myself. It doesn’t have such a strong chemical smell as other dry shampoos does, but still it gives instant gloss and shine.

The only downside effect of this is price, however, you can find it on 3 for 2 offer once in a while, so if you see one, tell me please. What’s your favorite hair product? Have a very nice Wednesday afternoon..

Giveaway winner and mini haul!

Hi girls!

You know what I just realized? Now I have  a perfect excuse to buy things, while on a walk through the city: I need new things to review, right? 🙂 So I just thought I would show you what I have picked up, and announce the giveaway winner. Sorry for the short post today, it is just way too hot, and the least I wanna do, is sit in front of computer 🙂

Here comes my mini haul picture: couple of bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics, cool name, isn’t it? The skin essentials from Madara, and nail polish from Margit Brandt. Have you heard about this company before?

And what goes for giveaway, I have numbered the related comments from one to four, and entered it to random generator website:

Congratulations, Nanna, I have written you an email, would you please send me your address?

P.s. It have been brought to my attention recently, that I make grammar mistakes, or skip words, so I am sorry about that, I will try my best to check couple of times before publishing posts.

Have a very nice Monday afternoon!

Goodiebox! June-July

I bet  readers from UK, USA are well familiar with the subscription boxes. I feel quite behind the wheel in this, since I found out, that they exist only couple of months ago. However, once I found it out, I have been completely obsessed about it, and have been checking almost obsessively compulsive about the opportunities internationally. Imagine my joy when I found out, that there is the same service in Denmark, called Goodiebox. I have been a little bit doubtfull, since they are still new on the market, the reviews are quite contraversial, and at 119kr it seems a little bit pricey. So after some trouble of the box being late, countless emails with nice girl, called Tessa, it finally arrived at my door step. The packaging was amazing, it came in white box with purple ribbon, and some nice, expensive looking black tissue paper inside. I will try to remmember to take a picture of it this month. And you know what, as soon as I opened it, I decided it was completely worth the wait.

There were six items in there. As opposite to other posts, I will start this one with something I didn’t like: Decubal face and body cream. It is a shame, because it supposed to be really good for your skin, since it contains no artificial ingriedents. However, excuse my language, it stinks. A lot. Usually I would still try to overcome the smell, if I would feel that it would do wonders on my skin, but, sorry, not this one…However, it was snatched up by my bf, who had absolutely no problems with the smell, so I bet that’s simply the question of the taste preferences. It was not mine..

Oh, one more thing I can’t say I was that impressed of, was Osis(plus sign (don’t laugh, but I still can’t figure out how to make plus neither on LT or DK keyboard)) hair spray. It sure enough holds old day, buuuuuuut it feels awfull on my hair. It literally makes me feel, like someone have glued my hair with a hot glue gun. And I hate that feeling. I would still try to touch my hair and put it to place if I felt there were any fly aways, but that simply would fail, since my fingers would touch that sticky grossy texture. Sorry, that’s also not for me.

I had much more luck with another skincare item, Murad Essential-c day moisture with Spf 30. I love love love the smell. It is good it is  only a little tube, so I can more easily overcome the crave to apply it on my hand just for smelling purposes..(Yeah, I am that crazy). But it smells of oranges, literally, you feel like someone besides you is peeling an orange. It has a fat texture, but skin absorbs it quite quickly, and I think the vitamin c in the product has the wake me up effect . It just makes me feel so fresh and happy every time I use it. However, it is rather pricy (595kr for  50ml), and you might wanna stay away from it if you have an oily skin.

Another item which I love love love, and don’t mind very very fat oily texture – well, it is an oil, what on earth do you expect, right? – is the Body Nordic oil. It smells amazing. It smells like grapefruit, and orange, and cardamon. Everytime I smell it, I can’t help, but think about Christmas gifts, and trees, and movies, and fireplaces. The price is very affordable (39 kr a piece, or 99kr for the set of three), and I will definetely be repurchasing it, once I run out of this one.

Another item I simply love love love, is the Holographic nail polish from Depend. Not only is it pink, it is also shiny, and glitterry, and looks just like a rainbow! I have never gotten any compliments on nail polish so far, this one was the first one. Even though I usually have hate-love relationship with Depend brand nail polishes, depending on the color, it is either as easy as two times two, or unreal pain in the ass to apply, I had absolutely no problems with this particular one, and it is gonna be used widely, I can tell you.

Now even though as you can see my likes were fifty fifty, I am still excited to get a new box, since it gives you an opportunity to try new products, to find your favorites, and maybe even get to know brands you never knew existed.. I am gonna stick around for a while with this one, and hope that the next boxes are gonna be better or even as good as this one.

Now just a little disclaimer, if you have been reading my posts constantly, you should know, that I am cursed to writing the long ones.. I don’t seem to be able to write it in couple of words, and I love writing, so I don’t mind. What about you? Would you rather have them long, or should I try my best to shorten them?

Have a very nice Sunday, and come back for more reviews, and stories..

Lush Addiction

While I am slightly obsessed about The Body Shop, and don’t seem to be able to pass by local cosmetic shops such as Matas or/and Estetique, I have a confession to make – I am totally addicted to Lush. When I needed a belated birthday gift for mom, I immediatelly thought of Lush, and so far, my picky, conservative, having ‘no new things’ strategy, mom, seemed to be loving her package. That’s how good Lush is.

I gotta apologize for some things being just the little bits left, but I was simply too excited when I got a package, and completely forgot to take pictures, and later I couldn’t bare to wait to use the product.

Let’s jump into the review of each product I own so far (let it be unsaid, that the new order is silently compiling in my head). The thing I was most excited about was the Lush Comforter bubble bar (the what’s left of the pink/white thing) . Not only because of description, which promised “to make you feel as wrapped in the comfy blanket”, but also of quite unique form. I have never seen the bubble bath in the solid form as oppose to the plastic bottle. However, I loved the product. It has very strong berry scent, and I am not sure if I am imagining it or if it really has some hints of vanilla as well. Actually smell is so good, I could swear I can feel it while writing, when the bar is resting far away in the bathroom drawer. Every time I take a bath with Comforter in it, I feel like I travel to the amazing world of childhood, where we had no troubles, and I get a craving of fresh white bread with some homemade marmelade and a glass of fat milk.. I am sure it is gonna be making it to my summer (and not only) favorites.

The second bath product I tried is the Rockeeteer (the blue thingy). The amazing blue bath bomb, with a very strong scent. Even though it says to smell of candies, for me it distinctly reminds of citrusy scents. It may even be described as a ‘manly’ scent, meaning that you could invite your other half to join you without too much hesitation, if you know what I mean. Moreover, it turns your bathroom water in couple nice colors while disolving and that’s quite a show for the eyes. What is also very important to me, it didn’t dry my skin, and left it glossy, but not in the grossy, oily way.

Another amazing thing was the toner ‘Breath of the Fresh Air’. It is actually as good as it sounds from the title, and it literally smells of the sea. I often use it in the mornings, to get a fresh breaze to make me wake up, or as a refreshener when I feel tired. It technically smells of sea, sand and makes me instantly think of icecream on the beach. My skin also seem to like it, it brightens and evens up in couple of seconds, which makes my boyfriend compliment my make-up, even though all I have on, is the toner. That’s definitely another of my summer favorites, and I am sure I will be repurchasing it once I am done with the one I have.

I also really like the massage bar Soft Couer (heart shaped cutey). I like the concept once again, it being solid, and melting only while warmed up. Anyone who is as clumsy as me, understands that everything can be spilled on the accident. Even things you were extremely carefull not to spill :). So the massage bar is unspillable no matter how clumsy you are. Also it smells just amazing. For me it smells as a vanilla white chocolate with some cocoa powder, and after taste of honey.  And it just makes you to relax and not think about anything else.

I am quite in love with the concept of dry shampoos, since once in a while I can be lazy, but I still would like to look nice. The dry shampoos work as a life saver in this case, however, the ones in the can I find quite stinky (please excuse my language). The Lush dry shampoo No Drought is quite the opposite the smell wise, and it smells divine. The dominating scent is grapefruit, but basically is citrussy-limey scent. It does its job quite neat as well, and gives hair instant volume. However, I find it quite tricky to apply without making a huge mess all over the place. But besides that, I am pretty much in love with it..

Sadly, there were couple of the products I was very disappointed about…To start with – the American Cream conditioner. I really really  wanted to love this product, I read so many good reviews, and my expectations were quite high. However, I don’t like the product at all.. It is supposed to smell as a strawberry vanilla milkshake, however, the only scent I can smell is very strong vanilla, and a very weird scent of something else I am not able to smell. Even though, my bf is not really sensitive over smells, I could see him sniffing my hair much more often after I used conditioner, but we came to the conclusion that it smells more weird bad than weird good. However, it is just my personal opinion, and it can smell completely different for your taste, but I simply can’t overcome the smell.

I was also very intriguied to try solid shampoo bar. I have been looking for the coconut smelling shampoo recently all over the place, but either I am completely blind, or I simply couldn’t find any here in Denmark, and the only brand I did find, was not wallet friendly at all. So I was quite excited when I stumbled upon Trichomania. Sadly, I was very disappointed in that as well. Firstly, I couldn’t smell any coconut in it at all, and it reminded me way to much of those glycerine soaps our grandmothers or aunts used to have in their bathrooms. It didn’t do that good on my hair either, leaving them tangly and messy.. However, I still like the concept and how good it lathers up, but I bet it just doesn’t fit my hair type. I won’t be repurchasing this one, but I will definetely check out other solid shampoos from Lush.

First ever (but not the last) Giveaway!!!

Hi guys,

Well, since all my post about Lush have mysteriosly disappeared at the last sentence <frustrated smile>, I am replacing it with the giveaway. The rules are very simple, you need to come up with the suggestions of which products you would like to see me reviewing.  Yeah, it is that easy! There are no wrong answers, so the winner will be choosed randomly. As a prize you will be getting three Gosh nail polishes, a Gosh eyeshadow, and couple of surprise items.

Giveaway is International, however, only one comment per person. Giveaway ends on Thursday, 7:00 p.m. Denmark time, and winner will be announced shortly after. Good luck!

Extended til Sunday, 19th of August, 20:00 Denmark time, come up with your suggestions, don’t hesitate!!!

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