I might have bought all ebay…

I might have bought all ebay!

yeah, i know, that sounds crazy, and of course I am exaggerating 🙂 Need an explanation? Well, continue reading…so couple of weeks ago I have found an ebay deal, where you buy five makeup products for about 70kr, and you don’t know, what you getting, I got a nail polish, a foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and eyeshadows. I was rather satisfied with that, so once I saw that the seller also has a deal on 25 makeup products for about 230kr, so I have convinced myself (with the support of the best boyfriend in the world) to get one… I will write my innitial impressions in a second, but the reason I said I bought ebay is because now that seller has no items for sale 😀 I find it rather funny : ))))

I gotta warn you that the post might be rather long, and for some of you, especially make up experts, boring, so stop reading now. However, if you are just about to get into makeup, or look for inspiration into your beauty collection, this blog post might be just for you… I figured I will try to write my initial impressions of the products, and if I feel any product is worth the review, or is absolutely awful, I will get back to that…

Ready? Let’s go! So let’s start with the products for your eyes, I think the most exiting part of the package was eyeshadows. Pretty pink shimmery N.Y.C. in Startlet, I am really impressed with the colour, even though it looks not that impressing from the package..

Another pink item in the package was Collection 2000 in swinging Saturn, to be honest, I am not that impressed with it, it has a little sheen to it, it feels very minerals like, even though the pigmentation is nowhere close  to it, and I am afraid it would get all over my face once on the eyes..

However, another eyeshadow (shimmer eye cream) in Violet Shimmer, gives completely different impression. Even though it looks rather boring in the package, it is very pigmented, and I feel like you could build up quite intense color if you were going out, or a thin layer might make nice day make-up if you feel up for some colors. The consistency makes me believe, that it might stay quite long on the eyes, but we just gotta wait and see…

Another item is by W7 (never heard the name, to be honest) Carnival Dust in Baby Blues, love the name, and color is okay. However, I have no idea how to use it, so if you know, let me know in the coments below. It is pretty shimmering light blue, however, i feel it is way too bright for the day’s makeup, and I am not sure if it is not too intense for the evening as well..

So, there was actually an eyeshadow which I opened just now so I can show it to you guys, and in the attempt to save my pretty nail polish, I came to almost break the shadow, so sorry  for a huge finger smudge… However, the colour is very pretty, almost rosegold with nice shimmer to it..

The last eyeshadow was also from Wet n Wild in once again summery pink. I have gotten that in the first package, so it wasn’t really a new for me. The color is pretty neutral, and I think it will do nicely on a day time.

Then there were some eyeliners, I usually don’t use those, since I don’t trust my shaky hands, but i might have to start. I am not so sure what to say about it, what does it make eyeliner great? It goes on quite smooth, dries out quickly, and it took me some time to take it off my hand, so I suppose it should stay nicely on the eyes. The ones in the picture below is by CCUK, in brown and black. Does anyone know how to get eyeliner straight on the eyes without creating a mess? Let me now, would you???

There was one more eyeliner, but once again, I swear, I will probably never ever get the hang of using it, I can’t even draw a straight line on my hand! However, I really like the color, and I think it would look devine for an evening out.

Oh, I almost forgot, there was one more eyeliner by Wet n Wild in brown color. However, it is really hard for me to judge, since every time I try it on my eyes, it ends up in very smudgy mess.

I am much more comfortable with pencil like eyeliners, and I really liked this one by Cover Girl in Quartz color. It goes on really smooth, and the color is really amazing.

Staying to the products for the eyes topic, there were couple of mascaras in the package. To be honest, I haven’t open one of them, because I don’t want it to dry faster than neccessary, since I still do have couple open ones. But I though the packaging was so cute and  weird at the same time, since is huuuuuuuuuge and fat, and it has lots of purple color, I love purple. However, I had to open one by Miss sporty, I never saw this brand here in Denmark, so I was curious. It is in brown, and I am quite impressed, it does make your lashes look full and healthy and pretty…The brush on the photo is obviously one from MissSporty.. I will have to come back to the one by Collection 2000 at some point..

Couple of random products, well, not random, they are foundation and highlighter. I have mixed feeling about those, however. There were couple foundations by Collection 2000 in Natural Beige and Natural Bronze… I might be able to pull off the Natural Beige if I got a bit more tanned, but the Natural Bronze is nowhere being close to my skin color, and sadly I don’t know anyone I can give it away to.. B ut well, it was a mystery box anyhow… However, the actual product is rather good, it blends smoothly on the skin, it has a great coverages and masks blemishes quite well..

I really liked the highlighter. It might come off as rather dark one from the swatch, but that’s just because I tried to build it up, so you guys can see something. It looks really nice on the face, and it catches and reflects light quite nicely..

Let’s get to the lip products. I have been quite surprised and impressed by a lipstick from Astor. It is called Double excellence, and it has two parts. The first one is a balm with some sheen on it, and the other one is color. It feels really moisturizing, and it should stay on the lips for quite a while judging by the way it feels.

Then there was a lipgloss. I have my doubts about it, but I will have to try it more times before the finall judgement. However, it feels a little bit too sticky, and reminds me of days were we tried lipglosses in the bathrooms of highschool.. It is very shimmery, and I am not sure what’s my opinion on the color.

One more lipstick was one by Collection 2000, in the nude range, and I actually really like it. It goes very smoothly on the lips, and feels moisturizing. However, I am not sure about its staying power, I felt like it went off my lips as soon as I gotten something to drink, but I am not sure yet..

While I am in a horrid relationship with eyeliners, I get along with the lipliners. I love the one by Cover Girl in the color Aubergine, it goes on very smooth and has rather rich color. I think it will go nicely with my youngblood lipstick in envy..

I am not so sure about the texture of the lipliner from Collection 2000. It is a little bit too much pencil like, and I feel like I am using an actual coloring pencil while trying to draw a line.. However, I only tried it on my hand, so I guess we gotta wait and see…

Sadly the most disappointing products were nail polishes..I love nail polish (appearently), so imagine how sad I was when I found out, that they were so sheer or streaky, that is practically impossible to use it… I keep it for the sake of my nail polish collection, but I did consider throwing them out 😦

Okay, that was actually a lie, since the most disappointing product was a lipstick by Hanorah. I am pretty sure it is a faulty product, it was packed in the paper box, but it was all sticky and nasty, so I actually had to throw it out. because it really didn’t make me wanna try it at all.. Overall, I am quite happy with the purchase, and that gave me an opportunity to try some products I will probably never have heard of  or thought of buying otherwise.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday afternoon, stay tuned 🙂



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  1. Ieva Wakabayashi
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 08:11:28

    I had been using pencil eyeliner like you and felt confident about drawing almost perfect line on my eyes, but one day consultant in one Japanese cosmetic shop convinced me to try liquid eyeliner. Same as you I wasn’t sure if I would manage to deal with it. The point of that eyeliner was that tip of the brush is so much thinner than standard ones. Not sure if you can get it abroad, but there is one place in Japan that ships all over the world. Here you can compare that eyeliner and standard ones: http://www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/coffretdor/products/details/images/origin_eyeliner_01.jpg . I hope you can write a review on it. Good luck!


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