Lush Addiction

While I am slightly obsessed about The Body Shop, and don’t seem to be able to pass by local cosmetic shops such as Matas or/and Estetique, I have a confession to make – I am totally addicted to Lush. When I needed a belated birthday gift for mom, I immediatelly thought of Lush, and so far, my picky, conservative, having ‘no new things’ strategy, mom, seemed to be loving her package. That’s how good Lush is.

I gotta apologize for some things being just the little bits left, but I was simply too excited when I got a package, and completely forgot to take pictures, and later I couldn’t bare to wait to use the product.

Let’s jump into the review of each product I own so far (let it be unsaid, that the new order is silently compiling in my head). The thing I was most excited about was the Lush Comforter bubble bar (the what’s left of the pink/white thing) . Not only because of description, which promised “to make you feel as wrapped in the comfy blanket”, but also of quite unique form. I have never seen the bubble bath in the solid form as oppose to the plastic bottle. However, I loved the product. It has very strong berry scent, and I am not sure if I am imagining it or if it really has some hints of vanilla as well. Actually smell is so good, I could swear I can feel it while writing, when the bar is resting far away in the bathroom drawer. Every time I take a bath with Comforter in it, I feel like I travel to the amazing world of childhood, where we had no troubles, and I get a craving of fresh white bread with some homemade marmelade and a glass of fat milk.. I am sure it is gonna be making it to my summer (and not only) favorites.

The second bath product I tried is the Rockeeteer (the blue thingy). The amazing blue bath bomb, with a very strong scent. Even though it says to smell of candies, for me it distinctly reminds of citrusy scents. It may even be described as a ‘manly’ scent, meaning that you could invite your other half to join you without too much hesitation, if you know what I mean. Moreover, it turns your bathroom water in couple nice colors while disolving and that’s quite a show for the eyes. What is also very important to me, it didn’t dry my skin, and left it glossy, but not in the grossy, oily way.

Another amazing thing was the toner ‘Breath of the Fresh Air’. It is actually as good as it sounds from the title, and it literally smells of the sea. I often use it in the mornings, to get a fresh breaze to make me wake up, or as a refreshener when I feel tired. It technically smells of sea, sand and makes me instantly think of icecream on the beach. My skin also seem to like it, it brightens and evens up in couple of seconds, which makes my boyfriend compliment my make-up, even though all I have on, is the toner. That’s definitely another of my summer favorites, and I am sure I will be repurchasing it once I am done with the one I have.

I also really like the massage bar Soft Couer (heart shaped cutey). I like the concept once again, it being solid, and melting only while warmed up. Anyone who is as clumsy as me, understands that everything can be spilled on the accident. Even things you were extremely carefull not to spill :). So the massage bar is unspillable no matter how clumsy you are. Also it smells just amazing. For me it smells as a vanilla white chocolate with some cocoa powder, and after taste of honey.  And it just makes you to relax and not think about anything else.

I am quite in love with the concept of dry shampoos, since once in a while I can be lazy, but I still would like to look nice. The dry shampoos work as a life saver in this case, however, the ones in the can I find quite stinky (please excuse my language). The Lush dry shampoo No Drought is quite the opposite the smell wise, and it smells divine. The dominating scent is grapefruit, but basically is citrussy-limey scent. It does its job quite neat as well, and gives hair instant volume. However, I find it quite tricky to apply without making a huge mess all over the place. But besides that, I am pretty much in love with it..

Sadly, there were couple of the products I was very disappointed about…To start with – the American Cream conditioner. I really really  wanted to love this product, I read so many good reviews, and my expectations were quite high. However, I don’t like the product at all.. It is supposed to smell as a strawberry vanilla milkshake, however, the only scent I can smell is very strong vanilla, and a very weird scent of something else I am not able to smell. Even though, my bf is not really sensitive over smells, I could see him sniffing my hair much more often after I used conditioner, but we came to the conclusion that it smells more weird bad than weird good. However, it is just my personal opinion, and it can smell completely different for your taste, but I simply can’t overcome the smell.

I was also very intriguied to try solid shampoo bar. I have been looking for the coconut smelling shampoo recently all over the place, but either I am completely blind, or I simply couldn’t find any here in Denmark, and the only brand I did find, was not wallet friendly at all. So I was quite excited when I stumbled upon Trichomania. Sadly, I was very disappointed in that as well. Firstly, I couldn’t smell any coconut in it at all, and it reminded me way to much of those glycerine soaps our grandmothers or aunts used to have in their bathrooms. It didn’t do that good on my hair either, leaving them tangly and messy.. However, I still like the concept and how good it lathers up, but I bet it just doesn’t fit my hair type. I won’t be repurchasing this one, but I will definetely check out other solid shampoos from Lush.


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