Goodiebox! June-July

I bet  readers from UK, USA are well familiar with the subscription boxes. I feel quite behind the wheel in this, since I found out, that they exist only couple of months ago. However, once I found it out, I have been completely obsessed about it, and have been checking almost obsessively compulsive about the opportunities internationally. Imagine my joy when I found out, that there is the same service in Denmark, called Goodiebox. I have been a little bit doubtfull, since they are still new on the market, the reviews are quite contraversial, and at 119kr it seems a little bit pricey. So after some trouble of the box being late, countless emails with nice girl, called Tessa, it finally arrived at my door step. The packaging was amazing, it came in white box with purple ribbon, and some nice, expensive looking black tissue paper inside. I will try to remmember to take a picture of it this month. And you know what, as soon as I opened it, I decided it was completely worth the wait.

There were six items in there. As opposite to other posts, I will start this one with something I didn’t like: Decubal face and body cream. It is a shame, because it supposed to be really good for your skin, since it contains no artificial ingriedents. However, excuse my language, it stinks. A lot. Usually I would still try to overcome the smell, if I would feel that it would do wonders on my skin, but, sorry, not this one…However, it was snatched up by my bf, who had absolutely no problems with the smell, so I bet that’s simply the question of the taste preferences. It was not mine..

Oh, one more thing I can’t say I was that impressed of, was Osis(plus sign (don’t laugh, but I still can’t figure out how to make plus neither on LT or DK keyboard)) hair spray. It sure enough holds old day, buuuuuuut it feels awfull on my hair. It literally makes me feel, like someone have glued my hair with a hot glue gun. And I hate that feeling. I would still try to touch my hair and put it to place if I felt there were any fly aways, but that simply would fail, since my fingers would touch that sticky grossy texture. Sorry, that’s also not for me.

I had much more luck with another skincare item, Murad Essential-c day moisture with Spf 30. I love love love the smell. It is good it is  only a little tube, so I can more easily overcome the crave to apply it on my hand just for smelling purposes..(Yeah, I am that crazy). But it smells of oranges, literally, you feel like someone besides you is peeling an orange. It has a fat texture, but skin absorbs it quite quickly, and I think the vitamin c in the product has the wake me up effect . It just makes me feel so fresh and happy every time I use it. However, it is rather pricy (595kr for  50ml), and you might wanna stay away from it if you have an oily skin.

Another item which I love love love, and don’t mind very very fat oily texture – well, it is an oil, what on earth do you expect, right? – is the Body Nordic oil. It smells amazing. It smells like grapefruit, and orange, and cardamon. Everytime I smell it, I can’t help, but think about Christmas gifts, and trees, and movies, and fireplaces. The price is very affordable (39 kr a piece, or 99kr for the set of three), and I will definetely be repurchasing it, once I run out of this one.

Another item I simply love love love, is the Holographic nail polish from Depend. Not only is it pink, it is also shiny, and glitterry, and looks just like a rainbow! I have never gotten any compliments on nail polish so far, this one was the first one. Even though I usually have hate-love relationship with Depend brand nail polishes, depending on the color, it is either as easy as two times two, or unreal pain in the ass to apply, I had absolutely no problems with this particular one, and it is gonna be used widely, I can tell you.

Now even though as you can see my likes were fifty fifty, I am still excited to get a new box, since it gives you an opportunity to try new products, to find your favorites, and maybe even get to know brands you never knew existed.. I am gonna stick around for a while with this one, and hope that the next boxes are gonna be better or even as good as this one.

Now just a little disclaimer, if you have been reading my posts constantly, you should know, that I am cursed to writing the long ones.. I don’t seem to be able to write it in couple of words, and I love writing, so I don’t mind. What about you? Would you rather have them long, or should I try my best to shorten them?

Have a very nice Sunday, and come back for more reviews, and stories..


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