Pink, pink, pink or review of Lee Stafford Poker Straight mini kit

I don’t know about you, but recently I am very much into pink. Pink dress, pink hair pins, pink boxes, you name it. It might be that the girlish phase is catching up with me, maybe even from childhood, since I honestly can’t remmember owning a pink clothing item, probably, ever. Or it is just the magazines which don’t hold off on emphazising how trendy pink is at the moment. So everytime I see something pink, I have to stop just as in front of red line, and investigate it. No wonder, the pretty pink set have caught my eye, while looking what to buy in exchange of  the free make-up I have gotten in Esthetique.  And man, how am I glad that I picked up the Lee Stafford Poker Straight kit. The set consists of a shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and a dry shampoo. It is a mini sizes, so it is perfect to try if you never used the product before, or if your hair tends to act strangely while using new shampoos.  I have to admit, I have fallen in love, and until I will find something better, I am never coming back. Like I can ever write a short introduction, but let’s jump over to the actual review part of this post.

Firstly, all products in the kit smell amazing, it smells as some very delicious cupcake, which flavour I wasn’t able to define yet, but everytime I use that shampoo in the shower, I can’t help but immediately think of baking, cupcakes, and even cinammon rolls (even though it doesn’t smell of cinammon at all, it just makes you think about cozy things). Also, usually, if I wash my hair in the morning, the smell would stick around and I wouldn’t bring myself to use any perfume, because I would feel like overdoing it.

The conditioner is also as good as the shampoo. It has the perfect consistency, you can easily rub it through your hair, and almost instanstly feel the effect. It leaves my hair glossy, silky, and it gives me quite a boost of self-confidence, which, believe me, I am lacking practically every second day (the day I don’t wash my hair, heh 🙂 ). And I am not sure if that’s just a coincidence, or if it really instantly makes me more pretty, since I always seem to get a compliment from bf, after I have used the conditioner..

The hairspray is also above my expectations. I usually have two issues with the hairsprays: the smell, and the residue it leaves on my hair. However, Lee Stafford’s Poker Straight Dehumidifier has none of those issues. It might have a little aerosol smell to it, but it is not overpowering at all, and I feel it also has the same, however faint scent as Shampoo and Conditioner. And for the texture, appart from the fact that my hair holds where I want them to be, I couldn’t even tell I have the hair spray on. It is obviously making its way in the summer favorites, and I am sure I will be picking up the full size bottle if I see it on discount, or when I run out of this one, and on the rate I am using it, it is gonna happen rather soon.

The last, but not least, the dry shampoo. So far I have about four dry shampoos in my collection, and two of them are completely forgotten somewhere in the corner of the bathroom drawer. On the days where I am in the need of some refreshing, and shower is not an option, I reach for a dry shampoo. So far this one is winning over the Lush one, basically because it is much more convenient and I don’t have a huge mess to clean up after myself. It doesn’t have such a strong chemical smell as other dry shampoos does, but still it gives instant gloss and shine.

The only downside effect of this is price, however, you can find it on 3 for 2 offer once in a while, so if you see one, tell me please. What’s your favorite hair product? Have a very nice Wednesday afternoon..


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