I am officially in love! (Dr.Clean Green rave)

Hi guys,

It took me a while to complete this post, since I have been waiting for some answers, but finally it is here, and hope you will enjoy it.

I have been taking my health a little bit more serious lately, since I simply getting tired of getting sick all the time. I started to look out for ways to keep myself healthy and happy, both from inside and outside. I did some google research, and got an Eureka! moment, when I realised that I actually don’t use a hand sanitizer at all outside work.. However, I was using train and bus daily (I say was, since my work contract is over..), obviously touching the seats, handles and other things. It is very important to keep your hands fresh and clean, while on exposure to things like that, because you never know who might have sat there before you, and which kind of bacterias they had.

I am very thrilled to say, that I love the Dr.Clean Green hand sanitizer… Now you gonna laugh at me, but you are very welcome. I have a little bit an issue of dry hands, and if I can see (or hear, yeah, I am that sensitive, I kind of feel it) people rubbing them together, or if someone is flicking through a magazine, and rubbing pages together, I completely freakout. To the level where I get whole lot goosebumps, and if someone is very consistent in reading, I gotta change the place in the train…And yeah, I manage to freak myself out as well.. So I really like having a nicely moisturized hands in order to avoid this problem, but so far I haven’t find the handcream, which serves that purpose, smells nice, and doesn’t leave my hands greesy. However, this product completely covers all I was looking for, and kill 99.9 percent of bacterias.

I was given an opportunity of trying out the amazing Dr.Clean Green hand purifier. Firstly, I like a very cute packaging, the brown and green colors go very well together, and I personally like labels with a lot of information on it. Secondly, it has a very practical pump, as opposed to those medical sanitizers where you just need to squeeze the tube. Thirdly, it smells so nice. I am awfull in describing scents, as you should know by now, but it has nice, organic, herb smell. It is rather strong, but I really like it, everytime I put it on (and that’s a lot of times a day), I go and smell my hands, because I really love the scents. Fourthly, the price is very affordable being  5.95$ a piece. However, the shipping to Europe is about 4.50 dollars for a piece,  but you know what? It is completely worth it!!!  One more thing I am impressed about, my poor boyfriend seems to have caught some infection couple of weeks ago (yeah, I told him he should have had a purifier with him), from his sick friend, and me, having a weakest immune system anyone can have, didn’t get affected in anyway. I have already used about a third of product, and trust me, I am going to buy more. You can read more about this product http://drcleangreen.com/.

Moreover, the owner have been kind enough to answer my question how he came up with the idea, and gave a nice story, which I couldn’t figure out how to edit by leaving the most important things, and still keep it as interesting and intriguing, so I have attached the .pdf document with the story, it makes up very nice read for a morning coffee..Dr.CleanGreenStory

I am wondering, do you use a hand sanitizer? Why, if you do, and why not? Have a great weekend, and let me know, what you think about the review in the comments bellow!


Aromaleigh Moulin Rouge Collection

Hi girls,

Well, usually I do wait an appropriate time for reviews after I have obtained a product, however, I can’t help it, and wanna scream the joy of the product I have found here and now. I have yet found another love, and that is aromaleigh eyeshadows. I have started the trial period of their Dusk to Dawn mineral treatment, but so far I can’t say anything about that, since it  was coupleof the first nights I have tried it.  But the eyeshadows… It made me to head straight to their webpage (forgetting all about the beauty ban – not buying new products until I use up at least ten I own), and order couple of them in the full size. Right there on the spot, as soon as I looked at the swatches. And that says it all. I have swatched them all over my hand yesterday, and today, and I still can’t believe how pretty they are. Especially the pink one (just listen what I am saying, the pink one???), but really I am impressed and really felt like in heaven while playing around with those eyeshadows. Please excuse my illiteracy, when it comes to describing the colors – up until now, I thought I was pretty good in that, however, there is no way to describe the colors accuracy. That is one of those things, which is better seen once, than described hundred times. And of the pigmentation, you really need the tiniest bit of product, and it still comes out pretty and shiny.. I couldn’t even wait to publish the post as my weekly stars category, since I really wanna share all prettiness with you here and now. Even samples was packaged with such a care, which my impatience of course ripped it off, the colors I received is as follows, please don’t get scared of totally unrevealing color in the sachets, but I thought it might be relevant for you to see how big samples are. And trust me, it is enough for quite a lot of uses, since they are soooooo pigmented. I know, I know, I am repeating myself, but I am about to run out of words.

I was about to describe the colors, but I saw, that someone have done that for me and much better than I would have, so clickity click here, and scroll down for a detailed description on the colors, however, I was going to give you a pleasure of seeing the picture. But blame the danish weather, I simply can’t.  I have tried my best to at least show the third of all the awesomeness, since despite their pretiness, they are quite camera shy. And nevertheless, the rainy sky in the Denmark didn’t help a bit. Normally, I would wait until sunny day, and take real pictures myself, however, I don’t want to underappreciate the colors, so I am borrowing the swatches from their website.

Photo courtesy of Aroma Leigh

Photo courtesy of Aroma Leigh

Photo courtesy of Aroma Leigh

Photo courtesy of Aroma Leigh

The colors are from the newest, limited edition “Moulin Rouge”. And once again, I am sold, completely.  And the price tag is very affordable, 7$ a piece, having in mind, that it is a mineral makeup. And if you don’t believe me, or are in doubt, you can still get samples for as little as dollar (they do have a minimum order for 10$ though), and see  for yourself.  I am telling you, go to look around  and I am sure you will be as impressed as I was. Honestly, I am contemplating yet another order… (shh, beauty ban, shh). Oh, and did I mention the staying power? It is amazing, once it is on, it will get you through all the day! I am planning to do some looks with their eyeshadows once I will figure out a lighting, or get a sunny day in here.

I hope you girls have a nice weekend and come back for other beauty finds!

Nivea/Femina beauty event

Hi girls,

I am sorry I am not keeping up my goals, but I am feeling kind of under the weather, well or under the blanket (since all I wanna do is hide there, and watch youtube videos). So it kind of goes without saying, but I find it hard to write about something, especially something I love, since I am afraid it might transfer bad emotions to you, and make the post sound dishonest.

However, I do wanna write. So I have spent couple of last days going around the house, and trying to figure out what should I write about. And while I was flicking through a Danish magasine, called Femina, it suddenly hit me. I have been to Nivea/Femina beauty event last week, where we had a great lecture, and got an amazing beauty bag. So I thought, why don’t I share my impressions about the event with you? And if you are nice, I might even show you what is my goodiebag! 🙂 So keep on reading..And have in mind, if I sound a little bit blah, that is my general emotional state, not the fact I am forcing this blogpost. So ever since I have started writing blog everytime I see ‘skønhed’, which is Danish word for beauty, I gotta check out what it is. I remmember being in a train and reading one of those free newspapers you get, and yeah, I saw a word ‘skønhed’ there, and that just so happened to be the ad for the event. I have doubted about it for about a day, but then went ahead and bought the ticket. And was very happy about decision up until the big date, where I had a huge headache, and was considering to bail off. Man, how glad I was I did go. Couple of tips for you:  firstly even irrational shopping at The Body Shop (nope, I am not affiliated, or sponsored, or in any other ways related with the shop) cures the headache. I have acquired two palletes of eyeshadows, for a very low price, since it was a demo product (why I felt I need it, dont ask me), yet another shampoo, and yet another mascara. Sorry, for off topic, but it is kind of related. Second tip, always take some cash to the events like that, if you wanna get some products with reasonable discounts. On the other hand, if you need to save money, or are on the beauty ban, then don’t. 😀

Anyhow, let’s get back to the event, I slowly made my way to the place where it was held, and got scared to hell by seeing so many old ladies there, so I desperately tried to find someone to assure me I was at the right place, but I couldn’t, and it wasn’t up until I saw the Nivea logo,  I was finally convinced it was a right place. I have to tell you, it felt kind of fancy to get your name checked on the list, and only then let inside..  We were greated with a glass of sparkling wine, and I do regret not to checking the brand of it, because I constantly fail to find the tasty and not too dry sparkling wine. Then were was a good quality buffet, with the food provided by princip!, it is a particular grocery store brand here in Denmark. Since it is a beauty blog, I wont go into too much details, but it was very nice and fresh food.

Then we had three nice lectures from inspiring people, and i am sure the older women got a lot of motivation out of it, and a lot of great tips, however, I, at 27 mark, felt a little bit too young. The first speaker was Pernille Aalund, who is innovation manager for Aller Media, and basically she was speaking about how she takes care of herself, and her skin, with a huge dose of humor. Then there was Eva Steensig, consultant and sociolog, and her lecture sent a clear message “stop to smoke and eat healthy” to keep skin fresh and young. The last lecture was given by the doctor, Søs Wollesen, and the main message there was, that the way your skin looks, comes not only from the outside, you need to watch what you are eating, and avoid fruits, since they contain sugar. Even though, it was really anything new, or unknown, I did have a great time.

There also was a posibility to find out your skin type, with a special device (note to myself: always always remember a photo camera to such events), and I was actually really surprised that my skin was over 80 percent normal with a little bit dry T-zone, which results in it overproducing oil. If I understood that correctly, since particular topics in Danish can be and more often than not, is a challenge to me. Then there was an opportunity to get Nivea products much much cheaper, and here is where cash or no cash plays a huge role. Since I didn’t have any cash, I went home almost empty-handed, but that is okay, because I had a hand to carry a huge goodiebag. It was actually really impressed with it, since it contained a Femina magazine, a huge bottle of olive oil by princip!, and a set of Nivea products. I will have to get back on the review part of the products, after I have played around enough with it, for now you should just enjoy the photos. Sorry, there is no photos of the food items, but I hope it is allright? Have a wonderfull week, and come back for more posts later on!


What are you ready to pay for the lipgloss?

Hi girls, I have been a little bit away from my blog, not only because I have been attending couple of beauty events, but also because I couldn’t find any inspiration. Not that I don’t have products to write about (cough, that basket in the corner, cough), but probably I didnt wanna spread the bad mood I had for the last week, as probably you could have told from my last post. I am in the process of preparing the weekly stars post – I have decided it will be each week, but not on particular day, because it is a little bit easier that way. But meanwhile, I have very important question, how much are you willing to pay for a lipgloss? I made a purchase this week, from my loved store ‘Esthetique” in Vejle (and, no, I am not sponsored nor anyhow related with it), and keep asking myself if it was a good decision. I bought my first (that is not true, the second one), but the first in almost full price, Chanel lipgloss. I love it, I think it amazingly fits me, and I simply had to take it home with me. However, I had to say goodbye to about 187kr (they had 25 percent off on everything in store, the full price is 250kr.). I love my newly found out passion for makeup, however, I think it is a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit too much to pay for ‘just’ a lipgloss. Yeah, I feel amazingly pretty while wearing it, it fits me very good, but still. So I would love to hear your opinions about your limit of spending money on lipgloss, or what is the most expensive one you own? However, I can’t leave without reviewing the lipgloss itself, can I? It is the one from the Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss range, in the shade Insolence (57). As mentioned above, I am in love with the color, it is very pretty pink, but not girlish/barbieish like pink. The brush is a little bit extraordinary, and couple first times while applying it, I was wondering, ‘how do I get the same effect’?? However, once you ‘mastered’ the technique, it is rather easy to use, and it makes your lips soooooooo pretty. It was first such an expensive purchase for me, and probably, the last one, since I am still not sure if it is really worth it, but I can feel that we (me and the lipgloss) is going to get along. And if you are not confinced by my speech yet, let the pictures talk 🙂 However, autumn is already on the go in Denmark, so it was a challenge to make colors show up.

Hope you all are going to have a nice weekend, and come back for new posts.

Just moved in, aka haircare products haul

Hi girls,

it is a very headachy and lazy Sunday for me, however, I feel like I haven’t blogged for a while, and even though I have quite interesting post ready for you, I can’t post it yet, since I am waiting on couple final details. So I looked around, and thought, why won’t I show you the last things I bought, and tell you my first impressions. Somehow, I have been buying a lot of things for my hair, since I am on the mission to grow them back.

I am sorry about the photo, I couldn’t figure out how to compose it properly, but I will show each bottle properly in other posts.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t leave The Body Shop without buying at least one thing, especially if I am out in the city on ‘it is all about me’ shopping or walking tour. So let me start by two of the things I picked up there. I have dyed my hair probably about half a year ago, and I still have nice blond highlights. However, I don’t want to redye them to avoid any damage, so I picked up a “Rain Forest” hair treatment, which is supposed to brighten my highlights. I was bought by scent of it, it is very easy, but sweet, fruity scent, I would say it smells as grapes. I used it once so far, so I am not sure if it did anything for my highlights, however, it did leave my hair very smooth and soft.

Another thing I picked up in The Body Shop was a coconut oil hair shine. I have to admit I picked it up just because I really want something coconut smelling for my hair, and it was the only product with coconut scent I managed to find in Denmark. I tried it once on my hair, and once on boyfriend’s hair. It did leave our hair shiny, and smelling nice, and I believe it should also give it a silky feeling, however, that is just an initial impression.

I have also placed an order from this page just because they have nice deals, and I wanted to try some of the products. The orange bottle in the back is an Orofluido shampoo. I have a Orofluido beauty oil and am extremely happy about it, so I wanted to try shampoo as well. However, after one use I am a little bit doubtfull about it, because it felt like it reduced my hair volume, but I will continue using it and tell you how it goes.

Another shampoo is in the arty bottle and it is by ghd. I sometimes have issues with an itchy scalp and I hoped that this shampoo would help. However, after one time use, I didn’t really see that much of the effect, and I feel like it didn’t do anything at all for my hair, but it can as well be a faulty first impression. Also, the smell for me is too ‘shampooish’, if you know what I mean :). I feel like I am getting picky..

Now my hair is pretty straight, and I don’t really have too much problems with knots, however, I have one specific place, where no matter what I do, it tights itself to a knot, and it is very hard (and painfull) to brush out. So I picked up a detangler from John Masters organics. I really like the smell of it, surprise suprise, it is citrus and neroli. It left my hair silky, however, it didn’t work on the specific problem after one use, and made my hair oily.

I haven’t tried the 60sec by Goldwell yet, so I don’t have that much to say except for the fact, that the smell of it, is a little bit spicy, and maybe even manly, but hopefully, it does wonders on your hair.

I haven’t tried the mask by Maria Nila either, just because I need to convince myself to overcome the smell, which I am not very happy about. I can’t figure out what it smells of, but it is putting me off a little.

And the last product, is somehow related to hair, it a lash renewal serum by L’oreal Paris. I have tried it couple of times before putting make up on, you are also supposed to use it at night. It should give you thicker and longer lashes, and strengthen them as well. Around fall time I start losing my eyelashes, so I thought that would be a nice way to protect that. However, it might be alergising my eyes a little bit, since I get an itchy feeling in the corner of my eye. I can’t say for sure, since I was trying couple of new mascaras as well, we will just have to wait and see.

I am sorry for sounding so pesimistic in this blog post, however, it is just initial impressions, and noone knows, maybe in the long run I will love each and every of those products, don’t worry, you will for sure be informed about that. Hope you have a fantastic Sunday! Let me know, what do you use on your hair, and what is your favorite product, or a recent purchase?

Thursday stars!

Hi there,

I am not sure yet if I love a title yet, however, I can’t come up with anything else right now. I have set myself a goal, that every Thursday I will be introducing you to companies which are not that popular, or, the ones, which in my opinion deserves a lot of fame, but don’t get enough attention. Can any of you guess which company is it going to be today?

A little time for you to guess…

And tadtam, fanfars go to Badeanstalten. I have written about their salve in my blog post about lipbalms, however, other products is worth talking about as well. Even though I love each and every I have tried so far, I am sure I am going to be forever raving and using their amazing body scrub. I have one in the Nektar scent. And yeah, there are two of them in the picture, since I am almost out of the small one, and I had to go out, and buy the big one. It smells divine, it is fresh citrusy scent, which at the same time is sweet and invigorating. Scrub is very easy to use, you need to mix oils with salt, and use your hand or a mit to scrub it over your body. And even though it is a salt scrub,it is very gentle, it leaves your skin smooth, silky and moisturized, without leaving the greasy residue. Every time I take a shower, I reach for this instead of the shower gel, and no matter how long discussion with myself I am having (like, come on, save a little bit, use it as treat, etc.), I always loose the battle. Honestly, that’s a must to try out in the rainy autumn. Moreover, it is handmade and natural, it contains 97percent of table salt, and 3percent of other salts and minerals. You might argue that is is a little bit pricey, 150kr for 550 g, but it is definetely worth every cent.

I have already mentioned the face scrub in my skincare routine post, and promised a proper review, so here it goes. Let’s start with the scent – in case you didn’t know, I am a citrus scent fanatic, so don’t get surprised when I tell you, that I love love love the smell. Another great thing about this face scrub is, that it has very small exfoliating beads, so it is gentle on the skin, and I believe it would be a treat for a sensitive skin. I think I already mentioned it as well, even though you are supposed to use scrub couple times a week, I can’t help it, and use it much more often, since it leaves my skin even, smooth and refreshed and adds a little bit of a glow. I believe it costs about 99kr for a jar, but you need just a little bit, so it should last you quite a long time.

I am a complete newbie in writing about soaps, since I really like trying them out, but besides the scent, I am not sure what ‘qualities’ does a good soap has to have? I assume it depends on a person using the soap, however, I personally pay attention first to the smell, then to the appearence of the soap, and that’s about it. I have used the soap called Hope couple of times, and, surprise, surprise, I really love the scent of it, which is lime and avocado. Soap lathers up really nice as well, but it doesnt melt as some of homemade soaps tend to do. However, it did dry my skin a little bit, not to the point of hurting, but I had to reach out to the moisturizer right after the shower. But if you do have an oily skin, and prefer soaps to shower gels, and creams, I would check it out. Ours is going to be used as a hand soap.

That little packet you can see in the picture, is a face mask, and it is called Wonderfull Earth. There are some other varieties available as well. Even though it says it is one time use, I have splited it in half, and probably, if I really wanted, I could get three times use out of it. Now learn from my mistakes! I read the packaging, but didn’t really realised how small amount of the water I was supposed to put in the bowl, and ended up in very liquidy mess. So I got out and bought another one for myself. Even though it states a teaspoon, I would say you need a little bit more water then that, but be carefull, since it blends really well. It dries out quite fastly, so if you are on a rush, I believe you can easily do it in five minutes. However, I prefer a little of ‘pamper yourself’ with the masks, so I left it for about 15 minutes. And you know what? I almost felt like after a plastic surgery. I know, it sounds rather crazy, but it kind of lifted my skin, and made it all nice and even, moreover, it made my skin more alive, I finally found out that there is some colour on my face, not just a plain boring corpse like pale skin..And it made my skin really glowy, but not in a greasy way. However, there were couple aspects of the mask you might be in doubt about. First is the color of the mask, and since I have supportive boyfriend, I don’t really care how I look while trying out new products, some of you might wanna do it alone, since it kind of makes you look like a Schrek. Secondly, even though I know it is a mud mask, however, even a very faint scent of mud is bothering me a little bit, but I figured I can just cover it up with some nicely scented face oil.

Have you ever tried this brand? Do you have other suggestion for the titles? Let me know in the comments bellow.

Disclaimer: the company have kindly agreed to send me some products or samples for review purposes. Those are written in Italic font, however, my opinions are completely honest, and if I won’t like the product, I will tell you so, and I don’t get paid by any of the companies.

Very much a rave, aka Shiseido mini collection

Hi girls,

I am trying to come up with my usual introduction, but I simply don’t seem to be able to do so. Maybe it is because I really like this brand? I don’t know about other countries, but in Denmark, Shiseido seems to be one of high-end brands. However, no matter how quickly my obsession with the make up develops, I still can’t let myself to spend 210kr for a single color of eyeshadow. Couple of months ago I have grabbed one from Shiseido, on a whimp, for about 49kr, if I remmember right, and guess what? I immediately felt in love. Those who know me, will notice me stopping everytime seeing a sale sign, and if the sale sign happens to be in cosmetics counter, I immediately hit the break. And if I am not alone, I would look around if there is a movie, music or technology store around to save my boyfriend of complete boredness. So far I have aqcuire 4 items of Shiseido, and I am reaching to the stage, where I just grab the product of this brand without really looking what it is, if it is on sale.

Let’s just start by the eyeshadow. I have the one in color tiger eye, as you probably can tell (from a picture about three paragraphs below), is amazing brownish color, with a very slight shimmer to it. It is a cream eyeshadow, so it blends out perfectly, and is perfect to use alone as a daytime wear. It doesn’t crease at all, and holds quite a long time. Moreover, it comes with its own eyeshadow brush, which is packed up in a nice black pouch.

Another item I have, is the accentuating color stick (for cheeks). Now, I have no idea, why they felt like they need to use such a complicated name, I use it just as a blush. It is very dark reddish purple color, named Rosy Flush in S5, which looks rather scary while swatching, however, it blends extremely nicely, and gives a little bit of life to my cheeks. Everytime I feel tired, and wanna refresh my face, I reach for it. I believe I got it for 99kr, and I was lucky enough to get the full size tester, so now I have two of those. The staying power is amazing, it can last you all day long. Hopefully, I won’t go through those very fast, otherwise I am going to cry if I need to repurchase it in full price.

The third very often used product in my collection is lipcrayon in LC1, it is very pretty, light caramel colour with a pink undertone. I use it as a lip liner, and fill out a little bit of the middle of my lips with it, and then layer some other lipstick or lipgloss over it, and that’s have been my lips to go look for a past week. I find, that it last rather long, however, after couple of drinks, I have to reapply it. It is a twist out pencil, so you don’t need to worry about the sharpener, and it is just a perfect size to fit into your bag. I believe I paid 49kr for it, and again, ladies in Esthetique were nice enough to give me a tester, so basically I have to of those as well.

The last piece I have grabbed last week, was a concealer. It was in 4 for 100 deal, so I basically paid 25kr for it. I don’t know if it is just because I haven’t used it long enough to do a proper judgement, it is my least favorite item of my ‘collection’, if you can call four items a collection. I have quite fair skin, and since I have low blood pressure, I am also very pale, so a light concealer should fit me, however, I feel, that it is too light for me! Honestly, I don’t know how light you gotta be to make this work. Besides that the shade is not exactly right, or I am just totally amateur in using it, it blends out really nicely: even my wonderfull bf who was with me during my considerations which four things to choose, exclaimed: oh, wow, it blends out so nicely..Yeah, he is being brainwashed, and I am not sorry about it :)))..Just kidding…So yeah, it really blends out nicely, and I am determined to find a way to make it work for me.

P.s. However, I found out that it cancels out the blue/purple tones, aka. my awful under eye area quite well, so it is probably not the one for hiding spots.

How about you? Which brand is your favorite? Are you constantly on a hunt for sales? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Have a very nice week, and see you soon.

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