How many lipbalms does a gal need?

Good morning, girls,

I have been looking through my makeup collection, just for the sake of trying to sort it out, and figure out the most practical way of storing it, since I am having a little bit of spacing issue, and getting ready to move my makeup to my room, which is not furnitured yet, just to get some inspiration – i still have don’t have a concrete idea how to furniture my room. So my eyes have caught all of my lipbalms, and I have decided to do a blog post about it. I shout out to my boyfriend, ‘hey, how many lipbalms should a girl have?” and got an answer, “well, maximum three”. I have nine, even though one is playing hide and seek with me. And guess what? I want more! There is not a single lipbalm which I don’t like, however, some I like a little bit more than the others.

Let me start by the one of Badeanstalten. I have started the relationship with this brand with simple soaps, however, I immediately felt in love, and I can feel that I will be creating my little collection of the products this brand makes. It is a simple salve in the very cute jar, it is very fat, what means it is really moisturizing, and it has very pleasant, but very faint citrusy smell. I like to put this on my lips when I go to bed, since I feel it is a bit too heavy in a day time. It is also supposed to help on cracks on the skin, dry elbows, and knees. While writing this post I got a nasty sting, which is itching like crazy, and I have been using the balm for that. And guess, what? It helps! My only complaint about this balm is the jar, I find it a little bit hard to get out. Other than that, that’s really a product to check out, and the price really meets the quality, I paid 39kr for it.

Another great brand making amazing lipbalms is Sæbeværkstedet. I got an opportunity to try the Rose and Mint scent lipbalms, and I instantly fell in love, so obviously when I saw the Vanilla one in the shop, I had to go ahead and pick that up as well. Yeah, call me crazy, but now I own all three lipbalms the company makes. And if they come up with some new scents, I will be making sure to aqcuire those as well. The rose scented one is the one which is hiding from me, however, I did try it as soon as I got it, and I remmember it smelling rather distinctively of the roses. So if you are rose scent fan, make a go for it! I, however, prefer the other two, and the Mint one is my favorite. Not only it smells of mint, it also has a hint of citrus, and some kind of a spicy peppery note, which I love. It has a shea-butter as one of the ingridients, and that makes it very nice and moisturizing balm. Would work wonders on the cracked and damaged skin, since it has refreshing and cooling effect.

The Vanilla balm didn’t dissapoint me either, it is really moisturizing, I love the scent, it is rather faint, however you could definetely tell it smells of vanilla. The texture is rather hard, you kind of have to rub your finger in it to get it warm up, but I really don’t mind. So if you want a nice smelling lipbalm, and can’t pass anything with vanilla, grab this balm. I am going to keep it in my going out handbag, and reach for it throughout the evening, when I need to reapply my lipstick, or if I feel my lips are too dry. And just look at the list of ingridients: ecological bee wax, ecological shea-butter, ecological olive oil, and if I am not mistaken, marigold oils, plus essential oils of vanilla. Can it be any better than this? And the price is more than affordable, being 48kr a piece for 14grams, which I am sure is gonna last you quite a while.

Another amazing item I wanna introduce you to is a lipbalm by Raz-spa. Not only is it in a very nice packaging, with the label ‘kiss feels not only on the lips’, but if you have been keeping up by reading my posts, you should know by now, that I go crazy about anything having citrusy smell. If undernote is orange, I would be going even crazier. So no wonder, that I felt in love this balm after the first sniff. It is very soft in texture, which I like, especially on the go, since you don’t always feel taking a moment to rub into the jar, it does a very good job in moisturizing, and I am can’t describe how much I love the smell. That’s definitely making the way to my september favorites.

Let’s dive into some classics for a moment. I bet everyone knows the brand Rosebud salve by Smith and their lipbalms. Anyone, but me, that it is. Believe it, or not, I have not known about this brand until about a month ago, when it suddenly started appearing, or I started noticing it all over the places. I can’t describe, how excited I was, when I got an opportunity of trying the Menthol Rose, and Traditional Rose one. I really love the cute (I really need to find a synonime for the word cute) vintage packaging, and little roses all over it. I really love the minted Rose one, actually so much, that I feel an urgent need to lick it off my lips once I put it on, so I am afraid that in winter that would result in even drier lips. However, it smells really good, and the balm itself its pink, I don’t know why, but that makes me smile! Other thing I like about this, that it is good to use for three years after you open the tin, so you don’t need to worry about the balm drying out, or expiring. The original rose one is also quite nice, however, this feels a little bit too moisty on my lips, and the smell of roses is a little bit too strong for my liking, but if you like roses and need very moisturizing balm, that would perfectly serve that purpose. Mine, however, went to the boyfriend’s “makeup drawer” since he said he doesn’t mind the smell. The price is also very good, you can get it for 59kr at this page, and they have more tastes avalaible. I would really like to try one with the mocha scent, but my boyfriend, who hates the smell and taste of coffee, is not that impressed by an idea. I am contemplating on trying the strawberry one, but do I really need the tenth lipbalm?

Another lipbalm in my makeup drawer is the raspberry scent lipbalm by Perfumeria Gal (?). I really like the pink packaging with nice orange hearts, however, sometimes I need to fight with it to make it open. When I finally open tje package, I find dark purple balm inside, with a rather strong raspberry smell. So, if you are more into natural stuff, that is not a lipbalm to go, however, if you want a pretty packaging and a very distinct smell, check it out. If I remmember correctly, at this moment it is on sale for about 20kr.

I probably should have started my post with this lipbalm, however, as with treats, I like to leave the best ones for the dessert. If you wanna spoil yourself, or spoil someone you love, or in fact, looking for a perfect gift, don’t look too long, head straight to Mor cosmetics page here: I really like their packaging, and the smells are just amazing. I will return with a post on scents, however, let me introduce you to the lip balm in French vanilla. Not only it smells amazing, it moisturizes your lips, has vitamin E for nourishing, and further more,  gives it a little bit of shine. I am completely addicted not only to using it, but also to smelling it, I feel like a princess everytime I use it. I love love love it! And if you are not a fan of Vanilla, not to worry, they have so many different scents. And the price is quite reasonable, since it is really a luxury item, being 10$ a piece. However, the shipping is a little bit overboard, so you should try to find distributors in your own country.

How many lipbalms do you have? Which one is your favorite? Have a very nice Sunday!

Disclaimer: some of the companies have kindly agreed to send me some products or samples for review purposes. From now on those are written in Italic font, however, my opinions are completely honest, and if I won’t like the product, I will tell you so, and I don’t get paid by any of the companies.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Viktorija
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 12:35:57

    I have tons and tons… Starting with cheap ones, finishing with YSL or so.. Since cosmetics is one of my sweet small girly passions, I believe it can be forgiven 🙂


  2. Vaida
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 16:20:58

    ONE 😀 isn’t it more than enough? 🙂


  3. ellesy
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 02:04:19

    i loved reading this… i haven’t tried any of these lip balms before but there are definitely a few i am interested in!


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