Very much a rave, aka Shiseido mini collection

Hi girls,

I am trying to come up with my usual introduction, but I simply don’t seem to be able to do so. Maybe it is because I really like this brand? I don’t know about other countries, but in Denmark, Shiseido seems to be one of high-end brands. However, no matter how quickly my obsession with the make up develops, I still can’t let myself to spend 210kr for a single color of eyeshadow. Couple of months ago I have grabbed one from Shiseido, on a whimp, for about 49kr, if I remmember right, and guess what? I immediately felt in love. Those who know me, will notice me stopping everytime seeing a sale sign, and if the sale sign happens to be in cosmetics counter, I immediately hit the break. And if I am not alone, I would look around if there is a movie, music or technology store around to save my boyfriend of complete boredness. So far I have aqcuire 4 items of Shiseido, and I am reaching to the stage, where I just grab the product of this brand without really looking what it is, if it is on sale.

Let’s just start by the eyeshadow. I have the one in color tiger eye, as you probably can tell (from a picture about three paragraphs below), is amazing brownish color, with a very slight shimmer to it. It is a cream eyeshadow, so it blends out perfectly, and is perfect to use alone as a daytime wear. It doesn’t crease at all, and holds quite a long time. Moreover, it comes with its own eyeshadow brush, which is packed up in a nice black pouch.

Another item I have, is the accentuating color stick (for cheeks). Now, I have no idea, why they felt like they need to use such a complicated name, I use it just as a blush. It is very dark reddish purple color, named Rosy Flush in S5, which looks rather scary while swatching, however, it blends extremely nicely, and gives a little bit of life to my cheeks. Everytime I feel tired, and wanna refresh my face, I reach for it. I believe I got it for 99kr, and I was lucky enough to get the full size tester, so now I have two of those. The staying power is amazing, it can last you all day long. Hopefully, I won’t go through those very fast, otherwise I am going to cry if I need to repurchase it in full price.

The third very often used product in my collection is lipcrayon in LC1, it is very pretty, light caramel colour with a pink undertone. I use it as a lip liner, and fill out a little bit of the middle of my lips with it, and then layer some other lipstick or lipgloss over it, and that’s have been my lips to go look for a past week. I find, that it last rather long, however, after couple of drinks, I have to reapply it. It is a twist out pencil, so you don’t need to worry about the sharpener, and it is just a perfect size to fit into your bag. I believe I paid 49kr for it, and again, ladies in Esthetique were nice enough to give me a tester, so basically I have to of those as well.

The last piece I have grabbed last week, was a concealer. It was in 4 for 100 deal, so I basically paid 25kr for it. I don’t know if it is just because I haven’t used it long enough to do a proper judgement, it is my least favorite item of my ‘collection’, if you can call four items a collection. I have quite fair skin, and since I have low blood pressure, I am also very pale, so a light concealer should fit me, however, I feel, that it is too light for me! Honestly, I don’t know how light you gotta be to make this work. Besides that the shade is not exactly right, or I am just totally amateur in using it, it blends out really nicely: even my wonderfull bf who was with me during my considerations which four things to choose, exclaimed: oh, wow, it blends out so nicely..Yeah, he is being brainwashed, and I am not sorry about it :)))..Just kidding…So yeah, it really blends out nicely, and I am determined to find a way to make it work for me.

P.s. However, I found out that it cancels out the blue/purple tones, aka. my awful under eye area quite well, so it is probably not the one for hiding spots.

How about you? Which brand is your favorite? Are you constantly on a hunt for sales? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Have a very nice week, and see you soon.


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