Thursday stars!

Hi there,

I am not sure yet if I love a title yet, however, I can’t come up with anything else right now. I have set myself a goal, that every Thursday I will be introducing you to companies which are not that popular, or, the ones, which in my opinion deserves a lot of fame, but don’t get enough attention. Can any of you guess which company is it going to be today?

A little time for you to guess…

And tadtam, fanfars go to Badeanstalten. I have written about their salve in my blog post about lipbalms, however, other products is worth talking about as well. Even though I love each and every I have tried so far, I am sure I am going to be forever raving and using their amazing body scrub. I have one in the Nektar scent. And yeah, there are two of them in the picture, since I am almost out of the small one, and I had to go out, and buy the big one. It smells divine, it is fresh citrusy scent, which at the same time is sweet and invigorating. Scrub is very easy to use, you need to mix oils with salt, and use your hand or a mit to scrub it over your body. And even though it is a salt scrub,it is very gentle, it leaves your skin smooth, silky and moisturized, without leaving the greasy residue. Every time I take a shower, I reach for this instead of the shower gel, and no matter how long discussion with myself I am having (like, come on, save a little bit, use it as treat, etc.), I always loose the battle. Honestly, that’s a must to try out in the rainy autumn. Moreover, it is handmade and natural, it contains 97percent of table salt, and 3percent of other salts and minerals. You might argue that is is a little bit pricey, 150kr for 550 g, but it is definetely worth every cent.

I have already mentioned the face scrub in my skincare routine post, and promised a proper review, so here it goes. Let’s start with the scent – in case you didn’t know, I am a citrus scent fanatic, so don’t get surprised when I tell you, that I love love love the smell. Another great thing about this face scrub is, that it has very small exfoliating beads, so it is gentle on the skin, and I believe it would be a treat for a sensitive skin. I think I already mentioned it as well, even though you are supposed to use scrub couple times a week, I can’t help it, and use it much more often, since it leaves my skin even, smooth and refreshed and adds a little bit of a glow. I believe it costs about 99kr for a jar, but you need just a little bit, so it should last you quite a long time.

I am a complete newbie in writing about soaps, since I really like trying them out, but besides the scent, I am not sure what ‘qualities’ does a good soap has to have? I assume it depends on a person using the soap, however, I personally pay attention first to the smell, then to the appearence of the soap, and that’s about it. I have used the soap called Hope couple of times, and, surprise, surprise, I really love the scent of it, which is lime and avocado. Soap lathers up really nice as well, but it doesnt melt as some of homemade soaps tend to do. However, it did dry my skin a little bit, not to the point of hurting, but I had to reach out to the moisturizer right after the shower. But if you do have an oily skin, and prefer soaps to shower gels, and creams, I would check it out. Ours is going to be used as a hand soap.

That little packet you can see in the picture, is a face mask, and it is called Wonderfull Earth. There are some other varieties available as well. Even though it says it is one time use, I have splited it in half, and probably, if I really wanted, I could get three times use out of it. Now learn from my mistakes! I read the packaging, but didn’t really realised how small amount of the water I was supposed to put in the bowl, and ended up in very liquidy mess. So I got out and bought another one for myself. Even though it states a teaspoon, I would say you need a little bit more water then that, but be carefull, since it blends really well. It dries out quite fastly, so if you are on a rush, I believe you can easily do it in five minutes. However, I prefer a little of ‘pamper yourself’ with the masks, so I left it for about 15 minutes. And you know what? I almost felt like after a plastic surgery. I know, it sounds rather crazy, but it kind of lifted my skin, and made it all nice and even, moreover, it made my skin more alive, I finally found out that there is some colour on my face, not just a plain boring corpse like pale skin..And it made my skin really glowy, but not in a greasy way. However, there were couple aspects of the mask you might be in doubt about. First is the color of the mask, and since I have supportive boyfriend, I don’t really care how I look while trying out new products, some of you might wanna do it alone, since it kind of makes you look like a Schrek. Secondly, even though I know it is a mud mask, however, even a very faint scent of mud is bothering me a little bit, but I figured I can just cover it up with some nicely scented face oil.

Have you ever tried this brand? Do you have other suggestion for the titles? Let me know in the comments bellow.

Disclaimer: the company have kindly agreed to send me some products or samples for review purposes. Those are written in Italic font, however, my opinions are completely honest, and if I won’t like the product, I will tell you so, and I don’t get paid by any of the companies.

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