I am officially in love! (Dr.Clean Green rave)

Hi guys,

It took me a while to complete this post, since I have been waiting for some answers, but finally it is here, and hope you will enjoy it.

I have been taking my health a little bit more serious lately, since I simply getting tired of getting sick all the time. I started to look out for ways to keep myself healthy and happy, both from inside and outside. I did some google research, and got an Eureka! moment, when I realised that I actually don’t use a hand sanitizer at all outside work.. However, I was using train and bus daily (I say was, since my work contract is over..), obviously touching the seats, handles and other things. It is very important to keep your hands fresh and clean, while on exposure to things like that, because you never know who might have sat there before you, and which kind of bacterias they had.

I am very thrilled to say, that I love the Dr.Clean Green hand sanitizer… Now you gonna laugh at me, but you are very welcome. I have a little bit an issue of dry hands, and if I can see (or hear, yeah, I am that sensitive, I kind of feel it) people rubbing them together, or if someone is flicking through a magazine, and rubbing pages together, I completely freakout. To the level where I get whole lot goosebumps, and if someone is very consistent in reading, I gotta change the place in the train…And yeah, I manage to freak myself out as well.. So I really like having a nicely moisturized hands in order to avoid this problem, but so far I haven’t find the handcream, which serves that purpose, smells nice, and doesn’t leave my hands greesy. However, this product completely covers all I was looking for, and kill 99.9 percent of bacterias.

I was given an opportunity of trying out the amazing Dr.Clean Green hand purifier. Firstly, I like a very cute packaging, the brown and green colors go very well together, and I personally like labels with a lot of information on it. Secondly, it has a very practical pump, as opposed to those medical sanitizers where you just need to squeeze the tube. Thirdly, it smells so nice. I am awfull in describing scents, as you should know by now, but it has nice, organic, herb smell. It is rather strong, but I really like it, everytime I put it on (and that’s a lot of times a day), I go and smell my hands, because I really love the scents. Fourthly, the price is very affordable being  5.95$ a piece. However, the shipping to Europe is about 4.50 dollars for a piece,  but you know what? It is completely worth it!!!  One more thing I am impressed about, my poor boyfriend seems to have caught some infection couple of weeks ago (yeah, I told him he should have had a purifier with him), from his sick friend, and me, having a weakest immune system anyone can have, didn’t get affected in anyway. I have already used about a third of product, and trust me, I am going to buy more. You can read more about this product http://drcleangreen.com/.

Moreover, the owner have been kind enough to answer my question how he came up with the idea, and gave a nice story, which I couldn’t figure out how to edit by leaving the most important things, and still keep it as interesting and intriguing, so I have attached the .pdf document with the story, it makes up very nice read for a morning coffee..Dr.CleanGreenStory

I am wondering, do you use a hand sanitizer? Why, if you do, and why not? Have a great weekend, and let me know, what you think about the review in the comments bellow!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lena
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 07:04:53

    i had never saw the same products in our country. I think that I would use it if it be possible.


  2. CrazyGirlfriend
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 07:10:46

    Lena, I know that The Body shop has some: http://www.thebodyshop.lt/lt/produktai/voniai-ir-kunui/rankoms/90356, not sure about other brands, though..


  3. Viktorija
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 09:35:56

    Is this the one you’ve been telling me about?


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