Thank you, Charlotte

You might think that I am out of my mind, some of you might even think: hmmm, does this have something to do with the beauty? Well, believe it or not, it does. It is a book about beauty, or, as the author would say, ‘everyday’s glamour’. Never have I thought that I would read a beauty book in just couple of hours, but well, I did, and proudly be placing it on my shelf where everyone could see it. I am not sure I will be borrowing it, though, it is too good to be lost.

I am not the one for writing book reviews, and opinion might be very subjective – I can’t check if it makes me break out, or what it does to my skin, but I do know it did put smile on my lips. So, forgive me the ones coming here for a beauty product reviews, this post is dedicated to thank Charlotte for so many things. So, thank you for:

  • being inspirational: after I have closed the last page – yeah, I read the distributors list from A to Z – I have booked time for facial, appointment at the motion club, and a SPA evening;
  • making me laugh in the room full of people – now I know why counting sheep never works for me, appearently, I need to count beauty products;
  • for making me nod in acknowledgment in some situations – such as being awkward in Spa’s, or not able to get rid of pushy shop assistants;
  • for awakening an extreme need in me to search for the perfect lipstick – no, Chanel lipgloss doesn’t cut it;
  • for making me knowledge hungry, and interested in the biographies of the famous fashion icons, Coco Chanel, Estee Lauder, and others;
  • for inspiring me to explore, and to go behind the story of each product;
  • for helping to solve Christmas gift problem for couple of family members – yeah, you will be lucky ones getting the book;
  •  for showing me the way for the deeper beauty universe;
  • and for writing the first book in Danish I was able to read cover to cover with no trouble.

I highly recommend all of you who are or understand Danish to grab the book, and preferably reading it while treating yourself in a bathtub. Moreover, Charlotte was kind enough to agree to be interviewed by me, so that will be coming in couple of weeks, and hopefully I will be able to introduce my English speaking friends to such an inspirational and motivational person.

Have a fantastic week and don’t forget to come back for more reviews!


Starbox, September 2012

Hi there,

Have I ever told you how much I love the concept of subscription boxes? I think it is the best way to try and get to know new products, interesting brands, and  without having to spend too much money. Even though I enjoy living in Denmark, I do feel jealous for those out in USA or UK, there they have a wider choice. However, there are couple of them which do deliver internationally, and one of them is by the company Starlooks, called Starbox. It is quite an extraordinary concept, since as oppose to deluxe samples, you get three to four full size products and all of them is by Starlooks. Let’s take a look at the September months box firstly, and discuss all the perks and benefits you get as a subscriber afterwards, shall we?

This month Starbox have been very generous, and have filled box with the monographic eyeshadow pallette, the eyeshadow primer, eye jewelry, and a crystal which comes with every box as make-up holder filler. To be honest, at my first sight on the pallette, I thought, really?? the pigmentation is awful, and there is no color payoff. Silly me, judging the book from its cover. I have decided to give it a try anyway, and guess what? The eyeshadows are very nice, it gives a pretty shine, and would really help to create amazing looks, especially layered over simple colors. I have always wanted to try an eyeshadow primer, but never got to buying one, so thanks to Starlooks, I had the opportunity to do so this month. The texture is similar to the balm, it slides on easily, and it does really help eyeshadows to stay on place. I haven’t tried the eye jewelrely yet, but I think I will look around and save it for creating a gorgeous New Year’s Eve look.

The Starbox is not just a subscription service sending a box out every month, it is an unique concept, which has much more cons than any others I have heard about so far. To start with, couple weeks before sending the box, they release a themed look book, which you can use as a hint trying to guess what products will be in your box, and after you have gotten the box you can use it as an inspiration creating gorgeous looks. Last time was my personal favorite, “running with wolfes”, just take a look here. Secondly, Starlooks asks for your birthday date, and includes a birthday surprise in the box on your birth month. The most common fear for the subscription services, I suppose, is uncustomized box, and getting the colors you can’t use. Not to worry, Starlooks take care of that as well, for example this month they have been asking for your skin color, so I suppose you will be getting either a foundation or concealer, or something similar to that. Moreover, they have various programs for loyal subscribers, I specifically included promotion card in the picture, and as you can see there, if you recommend at least one friend – and I am sure that is what you would like to do as soon as you open your box, you can get a free box. And all that is just for 15$ for month. International readers, however, needs to contact Starlooks customer service before subscription, but don’t be afraid – they are really friendly, and respond promptly. Tell me, what you think, and stay tuned for the swatches and looks later on. And if you do decide to subscribe, please tell them I sent you, would you? Have a very nice week!

p.s. they are cruelty free as well!

Month in masks

Hi girls,

To start with I would like to apologize for an extremely decreased amount of the blog posts, but right now I am fighting some health issues, so I don’t want to write a post while feeling bad, and to make it look forced and dishonest. Constant headache doesn’t make it any easier to write either. However, I will try to get back on track slowly. I have been going through my make-up/skincare collection recently just to sort it out, and realized, that I have gotten quite a lot of masks, and I would love to introduce you to all of them.

So let me start with the review which is far overdue, and I do feel guilty about it, since I strongly believe that as soon as you discover an amazing product, it should be shouted out to world as soon as possible. As I told you I have quite a collection of masks and I am constantly looking for new ones. However, I do also love face scrubs, but being libra in my zodiac sign, I do face the dillemma as to what to use, and which one. Thanks to a Danish company, called Jorgobe, now I can have face mask and scrub in one for the days when I can’t decide. I like that.

Let’s start with the packaging, it is quite simple, white, squeezable tube with the black writing. I think it fits well with the concept that mask is based of natural ingriedents. I appreciate the fact that is paraben and perfume fri, so it is gentle for your skin, but dangerous for the pores and dirt on your skin. It comes out of the tube as a thick paste, which you can easily divide on to the skin, let it sit there for about 10 to 15mins, or though I do like to leave it for about 20 minutes for better effect. It has a fresh peppermint smell, which I really enjoy, and gives a little bit of tingling/pressuring effect, which I love, because I suppose that is how I know it works. Just kidding, I can also obviously see the effect. In the past month while I was testing the product, the pores on my nose decreased significantly, and my skin have never been so glowy. Moreover, skin feels so fresh and smooth, and it definitely gives refreshing effect, and is a perfect treat for the Monday morning, I have to say.

The only negative thing is,that I did notice that if you are getting off a steaming shower, or taking a hot bath, the product doesn’t dry out as well as used in ‘a dry environment’, so I would recommend it using before your baths. However, if you have very deep pores, then you do want to take a hot shower to make pores open, but then wait couple of minutes before applying mask.  And even though, masks aren’t the product I am gonna run short on in a quite long time, I am still intrigued on trying their original product, peel off mask, but I am not sure if I dare, mostly due to the color..You can buy the mask on their website right here, or visit their Facebook page for the contests, news and more reviews here. Have a very nice week, and don’t get sick! 🙂

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