Month in masks

Hi girls,

To start with I would like to apologize for an extremely decreased amount of the blog posts, but right now I am fighting some health issues, so I don’t want to write a post while feeling bad, and to make it look forced and dishonest. Constant headache doesn’t make it any easier to write either. However, I will try to get back on track slowly. I have been going through my make-up/skincare collection recently just to sort it out, and realized, that I have gotten quite a lot of masks, and I would love to introduce you to all of them.

So let me start with the review which is far overdue, and I do feel guilty about it, since I strongly believe that as soon as you discover an amazing product, it should be shouted out to world as soon as possible. As I told you I have quite a collection of masks and I am constantly looking for new ones. However, I do also love face scrubs, but being libra in my zodiac sign, I do face the dillemma as to what to use, and which one. Thanks to a Danish company, called Jorgobe, now I can have face mask and scrub in one for the days when I can’t decide. I like that.

Let’s start with the packaging, it is quite simple, white, squeezable tube with the black writing. I think it fits well with the concept that mask is based of natural ingriedents. I appreciate the fact that is paraben and perfume fri, so it is gentle for your skin, but dangerous for the pores and dirt on your skin. It comes out of the tube as a thick paste, which you can easily divide on to the skin, let it sit there for about 10 to 15mins, or though I do like to leave it for about 20 minutes for better effect. It has a fresh peppermint smell, which I really enjoy, and gives a little bit of tingling/pressuring effect, which I love, because I suppose that is how I know it works. Just kidding, I can also obviously see the effect. In the past month while I was testing the product, the pores on my nose decreased significantly, and my skin have never been so glowy. Moreover, skin feels so fresh and smooth, and it definitely gives refreshing effect, and is a perfect treat for the Monday morning, I have to say.

The only negative thing is,that I did notice that if you are getting off a steaming shower, or taking a hot bath, the product doesn’t dry out as well as used in ‘a dry environment’, so I would recommend it using before your baths. However, if you have very deep pores, then you do want to take a hot shower to make pores open, but then wait couple of minutes before applying mask.  And even though, masks aren’t the product I am gonna run short on in a quite long time, I am still intrigued on trying their original product, peel off mask, but I am not sure if I dare, mostly due to the color..You can buy the mask on their website right here, or visit their Facebook page for the contests, news and more reviews here. Have a very nice week, and don’t get sick! 🙂


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  1. Kirsten C.
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 13:11:55

    Nice 🙂


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