A perfect Christmas gift, part 1

Hi girls, please tell me I am not the only one already thinking about Christmas and New Year, starting by listening to Christmas songs, watching gifts, and ending by Christmas dishes, outfits, and nails of the day, listening to Christmas songs, and watching Christmas movies (Elf at the background atm). That might of course be resulted due to my health issues and desperate attempts to try to find something positive in my life – I tell you, it is rather hard through a constant headaches. However, the christmasy mood of course comes with an unavoidable consideration of Christmas gift. At the same time this is also Thursday stars post. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an amazing artisan perfume sampler set from a perfume house in San Fransisco, called Ineke.

And guess what, I immediately felt in love, with almost every and each of the perfumes, especially for the one, designed for men, *cough cough*.  However, the creator firmly believes that all perfumes should be unisex and it should be up to the man or woman to choose the favorite one, without being limited by gender. And you know what, I agree!

You might ask why would it make a perfect Christmas gift? Well, to start with I am sure all of us was there, when we tried to gift a perfume, which according us, would fit that person perfectly, just to find out that we were so far from the truth… The sampler set eliminate us from the hard choosing process, since the giftee can decide for themselves which scent they prefer. Secondly, the packaging is so amazing, that you almost don’t need to wrap it, or if you are like me and swear by wrapping, something as simple as one coloured paper and ribbon would do the trick. Thirdly, no matter how picky you are with your scents (hi, mom) you will most likely like at least couple of the scents in the collection, if not all. There is simply something so magic about it. And getting to the magic, whoever writes the names of their scents, they are geniuses. My favorite titles are Balmy days and Sundays and Chemical bonding, and the last scent also talks most to me. Are you convinced yet? If not, just imagine Christmas morning, or afternoon – depending on when you unpacking your gifts, where you unpack your sampler set, and try to guess which notes the perfume has. The set comes with the brochure, so you have the answers right there. I don’t know about you, but for me, that sounds as a ‘ren hygge” – danish expression describing coziness. And even though you can read notes either on their webpage here, or in the brochure, I will still try to describe it in my own words, because blog posts supposed to be personal, right?

A: After my own heart: in my humble opinion, that is the most ordinary scent in the sampler collection, it is floraly – dominating lilly smell, but not overpowering, a little bit sweet, and just a tad woody. Just a scent which would be perfect for everyday, maybe even a rainy day, where no matter how dark outside it is, you still feel romantic. It is a very universal scent which would be good to anyone, despite their age.

B: Balmy days and Sundays: that is a very different scent from the first one, it is very fresh, leafy and grassy – is that even a word? When I first smelt it, I thought I was going crazy, because I immediately could smell the freshly cut grass. And honey. I am probably crazy, or it is just a fact that I read that there was honeysuckle in the notes, which made me smell honey in the perfume, but as I said, the way individuals looks at the perfumes is very different, and I am sure different people would be able to distinct different notes.

C: Chemical bonding: That is the second of my favorites, after the Derring-do. Can anyone of you who have been following my blog long  enough guess the top note? Elementary, Vatson. Citruses! and tea. That’s a little bit stronger smell, I would be wearing it for an evening out, maybe even to top up the little black dress, or maybe to a job interview, where I would feel that I need a little bit self confidence and invisible inspiration..

D: Derring-do: as i told you, that is my favorite of the collection, this smells like citruses in the rain. When I sniffed it the first time, I honestly starting mumbling – that is how I sound when I try to sing – singing in the rain. I don’t know why, but I immediately thought of that movie. It also smells a little of cedarwood and musk – I guess that is where the musculine scent comes from. For me it is one of those scents, where I know I love it, but have no idea why.

E: Evening edged in gold: that is also a little bit stronger scent, the one which would probably be perfect on the night out – hence the name, I guess. It doesn’t have a distinct smell the normal me can define, however, it does remind me a little bit of hospital and some kind of medical substance, so I suppose it is rather herbal. The official description says: “topnotes: gold osmanthus, plum; middle: “angel’s trumpet, saffron, cinnamon; base: midnight candy, leather, woods”. And you know what, while I write this, the strong smell kind of faded, and I can confirm that I do smell cinnamon.

F: Field notes from Paris: I just love the title of this perfume. However, the scent itself is a little bit too overpowering and reminds me too much of the manly perfume. So, sadly it kind of let me down since I have imagined something completely different from a title. And once again here comes a crazy me, who can smell wood, fireplace, and almost fire in this perfume. At least, I kept sniffing and thinking ‘what on earth is burning’ until I realized that it indeed was  my hand smelling of fire! In a nice way, but however it wouldn’t be my number one choice.

G: Gilded lilly: *ehm ehm*, my mom stole this from me before I managed to smell it properly, so I am gonna cheat, and just copy what the brochure says. But in our smelling competion we all agreed that it was aimed to a little bit more mature women, but in no way this smell is for grannies. They say “sparkling fruits and cypriot woods. Top notes: pineapple, rhubarb, grapefruit. Middle: goldband lily of Japan. Base: Patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum.” As much as I can remmember, I can say, that it was my least favorite scent, and my first thought was: that’s something my mom would enjoy.

H: Hothouse Flower: hmm, that is a very interesting scent, I can honestly smell mint. The bf wasn’t much help when I wanted to confirm my probably crazy thoughts – ‘it smells of nivea’, honestly every second product I make him smell, I hear that phraze, guess who is getting a huge can of NIVEA cream for Christmas? 😀 Okay, according to the brochure – yeah, I cheated once again – it smells of Earl Grey Tea, so probably that is the ‘mint’ I am smelling. However, that is my third favorite, or maybe the one in the second second place. I really really like it..And know when I know it, it does smell like a cup of good sweet Early Grey tea, i wonder if we have any in our tea drawer..

Don’t you just love the alphabeth in the titles? I do hope that means they are coming up with more volumes of the collection! I hope you are convinced by this post, and will be trying to get your hands on the set. I am a little in doubt as where you can get it, but I will try to find it and update the post. And please forgive my illiteracy what comes to describing scents – I tried so hard – but try for yourself, and tell me what you think!

Have a wonderfull weekend and I will be back very soon with some exiting news.


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  1. Vaida
    Nov 02, 2012 @ 10:23:14

    You are not the only one already thinking about Christmas 😉


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