Goodieboxes in pictures and how I broke a locker

Hi there,

since it is Sunday evening I will be cheating a little, and instead of writing a proper review, will just share couple random things with you. Somehow I haven’t had the proper opportunity to try out and review the products from the two past Goodieboxes, mostly because I was keeping them for taking pictures, but that took quite a while. But I am sure those in other countries than Denmark are quite intrigued, so you can get a little sneak peek here and the review will be coming later at some point.

September Goodiebox:

October Goodiebox

I think the last one is exceptionally good, and just before getting it I have actually been considering stopping my subscription – not because that I don’t like it…  I just have way too many things as it is, and it doesn’t always go with my new natural concept. However, I will still keep subscribing for November and December, and then I will be cancelling it.

As you probably already know, I like long posts, and posting just those two paragraphs above would not be my style. So while considering what else I could write, I will tell you a story of how I have publicly humiliated myself, made everyone’s day at Lübker Square and made a story to be told for centuries. So I have arranged a romantic (according the ad in the weekly deals’ webpage) evening in the SPA, to which we both went with enthusiasm. Now the medicine I take for my health issues makes me dizzy and disorientated – yeah, I am telling this so you won’t think that I am a complete fool -, so please bare with me. So we come there, we get some lovely food – and I didn’t even have a glass of wine to my meal! – and it is time to come up to the SPA department. We go there, I go to the ladies changing room, all relaxed put my wallet and my phone in, closed the door, and locked (!) the locker. Then I took my clothes off, jumped into the bathsuit, and before hitting the showers had a plan to put my clothes in as well. And…It doesn’t open! One try, another, the third one, once again, very slowly – can you believe it, nothing! So, as any reasonable person would do, instead of trying to check other lockers around, I go out to the reception and complain for not being able to open my locker. They come in, try their magnetic band, and no, it doesn’t open. When they get some kind of magical card, which, supposably should work. Still nothing. Well, as I get promised that my locker will get taken care off I go ahead to have a pleasant evening. And, well, besides the fact that there was a little bit too much people, it still was nice and relaxing. And here we come, the end of the evening and I am starting to miss my pretty pink wallet with flowers on it… So, what they tell me is, that the locker have run out of battery, and needs to be broken. Oh, dear, how I wish that was the truth… The changing room is still full of women, which means that the maintenance guy can’t come in. So they stop ‘the traffic’ and they don’t let more women in, so I can finally get my things. Once the locker room gets empty, we come in, and tadam, after couple of tries, we break the lock open. Just to find the locker being empty….. At that point I get completely confused, I loose the sense of rationality and almost break into tears.. I get out to the reception, mumble something to them even I can’t understand. Being as lovely as they are, one of the girls come in to help me, at that point other people start to look at me suspiciously (up until then they were rather sympathetic), and I can’t blame them, who on earth doesn’t remmember where they put their stuff and then make all the fuzz. However, we run through the lockers one more time, and still no success. Until someone asks ‘hmm, what about that unlocked one??” And here it is, my lovely wallet, and the phone, which have been there all evening, unlocked… I hope you had a good giggle, and I am heading to hide under the pillow while you reading this..

p.s. the locks were electronic….

Have a fantastic week, and never forget your locker number..


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  1. SweetCutie24 (@bonnie_2512)
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 17:29:24

    Hey I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!!


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