China Glaze Holiday Collection 2012

Hi girls!

First let’s get something out of the way. Lena, don’t read this post! Don’t even look at it! And don’t google the China Glaze Holiday collection. I mean it.

Lena is my friend, and we are exchanging Christmas gifts – or though we have decided Christmas might as well be in February, so we won’t feel too pressured to post the products, and the reason I am forbidding her to read it, is because I got one of the polishes, but I don’t want her to know, and as soon as she would see the polish, she would knew which one would be hers.

However, let’s try to jump straight to the review. Look at me, blogging about collections – who knew that time would come? 🙂 And even though I am being old news – look at those other beauty bloggers already blogging about Spring 2013 collections, I thought I would start by giving a proper reviews of the products I have mentioned in my year’s favorites posts. Since calendar is saying it is winter (doesn’t look so from the view outside though), I thought I would start off  by showing you this gorgeous collection. As told, I am not a collection addict – oh, well, I wasn’t – but if all China Glaze polishes are that good quality – I am afraid my shallow collection of 5 plus two making its way to me by the post is gonna expand rapidly after April, the first – yeah, you guessed it right, I am attempting beauty ban once again. I know, what you all are thinking, stop rambling, and get to the actual review. Well, I am trying!

So, up until the point where I acquired 2 glitters out of this collection, I didn’t even know there was something called layering glitter, which means, that it is opaque on it is own, and you don’t need any background color. My favorite is the Winter Holly, a very deep forest green, which has a perfect texture, and sparkling, light catching mini gold glitters, that all you can think about, is Christmas tree, once you have it on your nails.

Winter Holly, China glaze Holiday 2012

If you do your accent nails in Glitter All the way, then you will unavoidably start thinking about Christmas lights on Christmas tree. I think China Glaze people have done amazing job by capturing Holiday spirit in this collection..

Glitter all the way, China Glaze Holiday 2012

When there is an amazing blue. Funny story, I have gotten that for my friend Lena, and haven’t picked  it up for myself. I have put it aside, and have been looking at it for about two weeks, trying my best not to dig into it. In the end I did cave in, and got myself a copy, and oh man, how glad I am I did. It is a frosty blue, having a very nice grey shimmer to it in a bottle, but I am not sure it transfers to the nails. But even without the shimmers, it is still a gorgeous color.

China Glaze Holiday 2012 Blue Bells Ring

My least favorite one is Pizzazz, nothing personal, I just haven’t find the right way of using it, I think. It is a little bit too transparent to layer, but a little bit too thick to have on the background, so I am not sure how can I make it show all its glory.

China Glaze Holiday 2012 Blue Bells Ring

The quality of all those polishes is amazing, it holds for four and more days (that is, if I don’t use my Seche Vit top coat, which I am not friends with at all).

Okay, apparently I need to write more about nail polishes, because I just realized that I am a completely amateur at describing the colors, but if I were you, I would get out and pick up couple of polishes from the collection, while you still can, it is, after all, better to see it once than to hear about it ten times. So I will leave your decision up to you, and while you do so, you can look at the pictures above :). Which in no way reflects the real beauty of those polishes, so whatever you do, hurry up and get some for yourself.

And here they are on the nail wheel, which was even harder to photograph. Tell me what you think, should I attempt more nail polish related pictures/blog posts, or should I leave it to professional nail beauty focused bloggers ?

Left to right: Blue Bells ring, Winter holly, Glitter All The Way, Pizzaz over black creme, GATW over black creme, Pizzaz

You can see more colors of the collection on ChinaGlaze homepage.

Have a very nice day, and see you soon!


Top 12 of 2012

Happy New Year!

There are a lot of videos going in youtube about the best products of 2012, so I thought that the way to start New Year, and new, hopefully more success-full blogging by going copycat 🙂 However, my version is not on the products specifically released in 2012 – up until recently I didn’t even know nail polish brands had collections, it is rather about the products I found in 2012 and can’t imagine my life without them, or something I would highly recommend..It is in none particular order, I like them all equally:

1. Dr. Clean Green Sanitizer – where have you been? I have already written a rave review about it here, and I still adore it by all means. Hopefully, they will expand their production line soon.

2. Badeanstalten Nektar Body Scrub – have been raving about that as well right here, just one little tip – don’t leave it in the bathroom, and make sure to use it up in three months (yeah, I am speaking out of hurtful experience)..

3. Allium skincare Sweet Orange Cleansing Balm all natural skincare, the review is coming up soon, but that is my to go natural pampering here and there, when I want to feel extra special.

4. Aromaleigh eyeshadows – I have been writing and raving about them non stop here, and I still think they are amazing! So unique and yet so wearable. Before you ask, you can buy it here.

5. Clay masks – none particular company, I have tried Badeanstalten, Sæbeværkstedet, Allium Skincare clay masks. All of them are divine, all you need to do, is mix with some water to make a paste and put it on your face.. It makes your skin feel clean and young in an instant without unwanted/unneeded toxins.

6. Faith in nature shampoo and conditioner – picked it up on a sale for reviewing purposes, review coming soon, and can’t find it here in Denmark again, aw..

7. Orofluido hair oil: review is also coming soon – I know that doesn’t really go to the natural category, but that seems to be the only oil/leave in conditioner which both me and my hair loves, and oh, did I mention the smell?

8. Talking of not natural, I am also loving China Glaze Nail Polishes: or though they are 3-free and cruelty free, especially their this years holiday collection, I am completely sold on, I love the colors,I love staying power, I even love the names. Will do a detailed review of the collection in the next couple of days.

9. Gosh catchy eyes mascara: firstly, look at me, blogging about autumn/winter items, when the spring is approaching (told you I wasn’t good in collections), and secondly, oh my Holly Grail mascara, where have you been? As with almost all other items, review is coming up soon, but for now, you really notice you need something when you loose it, right? Oh boy, did I suffer when I accidentally forgot it at home, and noone managed to tell me that, so I had to live without it for couple of months (I guess I could have gone out and bought a new one, but little did I know, thinking that it is hiding somewhere and playing hide and seek with me).

10. Gosh BB cream: I love the concept of the bb creams, however, some of them makes me look orange (I am looking at you, The Body Shop), others makes my pale skin look even paler, however, Gosh fits like a glove. It makes my skin smooth and radiant, and perfectly masks all the imperfections, even my conservative mom, seeing me with Gosh BB cream on said – wow, that looks great, get some more 😀 That says a lot I think. However, as with most of the products, the proper, in-detailed and well-deserved rave review is coming in the couple of next days, along with the review of the mascara(s).

11. Cyrine aromatherapie production concept: it is simple as this, if you can buy a tailored dress, why shouldn’t you be able to get a tailored cosmetics product, we all know, that our skins are individual, and one person suffering from dry skin not necessarily will have same symptoms as the other person with dry skin. Moreover, you can alter your face or body moisturizer be healing as well, and all you need to do is fill out the form, pay the money and wait for your product to come into the post. Oh, and it is all natural. I haven’t tried it for a proper period of time to give an actual review, but so far, so good, I am liking it a lot, an the proper review will be up in couple of weeks.

12. Look Great Naturally (without ditching your lipstick), Grace J.L.,: if you considering going more natural way, but can’t decide quite yet, or still raise the question, I will strongly suggest you pick up this book, the detailed review is coming up when I am done reading it (half way through), but I am enjoying it quite a lot. It is simple, down to earth, with no unnecessary “chemicals are bad for you, boo, run away as soon as you can”, just a perfect beginners guide to a natural living. It was this book who have encouraged me to see further into making your own cosmetics, but more about that some other day.

I am sorry if my post is a little bit flimsy (damn those drugs), I can also feel that I am a little bit out of practice, and can’t type as fast or as clear as I would like to, but hopefully, I will catch the speed soon. It was also a tough job to narrow my favorites just to 12, there were plenty of other nominees, but they will get their fair share in upcoming rave reviews (I am sorry, DLE cosmetics lipglosses, Lanolip lipbalm, DeepSteep products, Badeanstalten VildRose oil, I love you too, but sometimes you need to share 🙂 )…Even though if it is only a wordpress space on one crazy girl blog.

Sorry, no pictures today :(.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and see you soon (sooner than you think ;)). Have a wonderfull first week into New Year.

xo xo,

Crazy Girl. (yeah, I totally stole that from GG – watching first episodes of second season, feeling out of fashion :))

Disclaimer: the products in italics have been sent to me by companies for the review purposes, however, my opinion is 100 % honest, and I have ever since either have bought or planning to buy a copy on my own. All the links above are for your convenience, and they are NOT affiliate links.  

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