Aubrey organics oily skin travel kit

Disclaimer: my camera is broken, and no-one knows where the cable of my phone is, so I will have to borrow pictures from the broad internet for a while.

You know, as a beauty blogger – well, let’s forget the fact, that very inactive one recently,  but my heart and brain do still belong to blogging, and every second of my purchase is argumented with ‘well, it can be material for your blog”, I rarely buy a product twice, because there are simply too many choices out there, and I want to try it all.  But when I do feel like repurchasing something, that usually means, that product is really good. So some time this week- editor note: that obviously was few weeks ago, I picked up Aubrey organics travel kit for oily skin with 50 percent off. Well, guess what, I’m getting a back up when I get a chance. So I thought I would just let you all know, the reasons what made me wanna get a backup.

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My skin have been acting up recently, and i am blaming the weather and long working days in front of computer screen.. However, in just a few uses, it seems to be helping a lot. The set consists of facial cleanser, facial astringent, moisturizer and a mini mask. Even though the whole set is really nice, two outstanding products for me, is facial cleanser and a mask. Facial cleanser has a nice creamy consistency, it smells fresh and minty, and just seems to clear all the impurities you have, leaving your skin squeaky clean.  Also, it is perfect after a hard hot summer day, since the mint provide a slight cooling sensation. And sometimes, after I have just used it, I can’t wait for the evening, so I can use it again. Well, I know I’m weird. However, after just a few uses, my skin is visibly clearer, and even minor scaring from picking on the z’s – yeah, i know, I shouldn’t, seems to be reducing.

Another thing which really excited me in the kit, was the mask. It has a slight warming effect, and I could swear there is some cinnamon in the mask, but I was not able to find that in the ingredients list. However, after you apply a thin layer on your face, you can feel it warming up, and I don’t know about you, but for me, if I can feel mask on my face, I automatically assume, that it means, that it is working. And I feel like it can also be seen on my face. I’m treating my skin every second evening with it at the moment, just to get it to a normal condition, it doesn’t seem to be too much or anything, and I will gladly keep continuing using it. I have also picked the kit for sensitive skin, and I will just see how that one works in the comparison and you can expect a review about it coming in couple of weeks.

Hope you all having a fantastic weekend! 🙂 See you tomorrow.


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  1. Adi W.
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 14:27:58

    Sounds good! I wish they’d sell it here. Thanks for the review! I’d be happy to read about the sensitive skin version. I have a sensitive combination skin, it’s the worst!


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