Lumene Touch of Radiance Serum Foundation

Disclaimer: my camera is broken, and no-one knows where the cable of my phone is, so I will have to borrow pictures from the broad internet for a while

Hi there,

I am wondering if I am alone facing this problem every time, but I can’t pick out the right shade/type of foundation no matter how hard I try. It is either too dark, too pink, too yellow, and what not.. My dad’s birthday was few weeks ago, and it is only natural that his only daughter wants to look perfect on that day, right? So I stepped in drugstore the other day, and decided to drop choosing it on my own and asked consultant for help. Now, in Lithuania it is quite rare to meet a consultant who actually is confident and knowledgeable and can give you an advice without reading the labels of the product. Luckily, the girl was really helpful and competent, and willing to help. I think we literally tried every foundation which was at store, except for L’oreal, and with some discussions, we chose a Lumene one. I have never tried any of their products before and i was intrigued, to say at least. I don’t know, if my requirements are low, but already the packaging reminds me more of high-end product than a drugstore one. also, I have to say, it is in the mid-range price wise.

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So, as you can see, the first pro is packaging. It is simple, but doesn’t look cheap, and you can proudly display it on the shelf in your bathroom/makeup vanity.

Secondly, I really like the texture, it is liquidy, but not too much, so it is very easy to put in on your face, and get an even coverage. I wouldn’t say it has a full coverage, more likely the medium one, so if you have some spots/scars you might want to use concealer first. However, it gives you a nice dewy finish, and your skin looks fresh. On the other hand, if you have an oily skin, it might not be your preferred choice, but the matt compact powder can solve this problem.

As for staying power, it is quite impressive as well, and, what is most important for me, it stays put and doesn’t smudge/transfer to phone/pillow and other things :).

I think this compares to Gosh BB cream, which is my Holy Grail, so it is really worth a try. Have a peaceful Sunday afternoon 🙂


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