Dabur Vatika Dandruff Guard review

They say, that there should be a balance in life, so it is only logical, that after a few rave reviews, I go with one which isn’t that ravy… I just want you to note, that you should really be careful picking the products, especially if/when you are making a transition towards natural, ecological ones. The fact, that it claims to be natural, or that it is sold on the website solely for natural products, wouldn’t guarantee that you will be 100% sure to buy the natural one, after all. But, how do they say, you learn from your own mistakes? I strongly advice you to learn from mine, and read/google the ingredients before you decide to get a certain product. My hair is in extreme need for some pampering, and I thought it might be good idea to give a natural mask a go, because just in couple of weeks I am planning on going all out, and re-dying my hair in crazy bright-color… editor note: that was total failure-since it didn’t turn out how i wanted...It wasn’t until i picked the product up from the post office, when I decided to read what’s on the back of the packaging. And even though, after the first glance there is nothing to suspicious about it, but my eye – oh the joy of having to read every label on every product in my and friends bathrooms – have caught something, called “white oil”. I believe that some people might just assume, that it is just some kind of oil,but I went ahead and googled. And guess what, is nothing else than a mineral oil. I won’t go into the deep discussions, what it is, and why it is not good for you, but I truly believe it shouldn’t be in the natural product..

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And for the product itself, besides the fact that ingredients are turning me completely off, it is just in general blah. I hate the way it smells, I assume it is supposed to smell as lemons, but the smell is very superficial, the consistency is very annoying and it just does nothing for my hair. I have even contemplated throwing it away yesterday, but couldn’t fully judge my decision to do so, so it ended up in the deepest corner in my cabinet. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this to my friend or an enemy, for that matter 🙂 So, stay away! 🙂 I know its kind of short and abrupt, but I have nothing to say about it, sorry :(.


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