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Hey there!

I know its not Friday, but no way can I wait this long, emotions are too fresh and they N E E D to be written…

So a month in New Year and I already failed my first resolution, involving this blog. Please tell me, you do this too, so I can feel less stupid about it… Anyway, this post is not about me, nor about makeup for that matter. If you are my friend, chances are you already know what I’m writing about, since I most likely have been up into your ears for ages, especially last two days, if, for some reason, I haven’t told you yet, this is again a post about Andrew Flame. For me its hard to get into something, but you can bet once I am in, it has me hooked for a very long time. This one, I think, might be for life..And I can promise you, you will most likely see more posts about the band in the future, since I am planning to go to every single of their concert this year, so expect this to become a saga :).

I honestly don’t know how to get this straight, since I have so many feelings about it, and its all mixed up in a warm and fuzzy ball inside my stomach..I was supposed to write this yesterday, but I couldn’t because of all the warmest feelings, and if my thoughts are still all scattered, I am so sorry, but I H A V E to write this. Don’t get me wrong, noone is forcing me to do this, I am just honestly passionate about them and I want the world to know about this band. And no, I am not that popular for the whole world to read this, but if I can get at least five people to check them out and like them, that’s what I am gonna do. And yes, I did need all this long introduction to tell you that I went to Andrew Flame concert at Tamsta Club last Saturday..I knew for sure they were great, but I didn’t expect the outcome which I got. Its no secret, and I believe I have mentioned couple times before on this blog, that I have social anxiety, so if you ever encountered that, you would know, how much of a challenge for me it was to go on my own, but I did it, and thats what matters. Btw, should I make a post about social anxiety, would someone be interested to hear my story?? Anyway, I am so glad I overdone myself, because the payback I got, oh it was so sweet… Granted,  I have not been to many concerts in my life, but I still can claim, I have never seen a band that honest, down on the ground and awesome in all the possible ways. It goes without saying, that the concert was awesome, the music was amazing, and the mood, oh the mood was there. If you even knew, how good they sound live, there have been a few moments, where I thought to myself, “damn, how do they do that?” 🙂 I wish I could find more words to write about the concert, but I can’t say anything else, except it was BEYOND AMAZING. But moreover, I was mind blown, how much they appreciate their fans, and how much our support means to them. They weren’t too proud to come see each and every fan of theirs after the concert and have a little chat. Now, who does that?? I was soooo impressed. It was the evening, where I realized the meaning of the saying “high on life”. And trust me, if it wasn’t the end of the month, and I wouldn’t have to work, I would be going to Latvia to see them play on the 7th in Liepaja, and 8th in Riga. As far as I know, they don’t have the concrete dates on other concerts, but trust me, I will let you know once I find something out.

af1 af2 af3

Their Facebook page

You can listen to them on Youtube

You can download their songs right there.

I feel like I didn’t say everything I wanted, but its so hard to describe what I experienced, and for the ones who didn’t come with me, well, it’s your loss.


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  1. Geneva Fluet
    Feb 03, 2014 @ 22:34:56

    If I hadn’t been chatting with you while you were there, I would still feel like I was there! It’s awesome how down to earth they are, and that you got to have such a great experience. Thanks for the link to download their music 🙂 Awesome post!


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