Thank you, Charlotte

You might think that I am out of my mind, some of you might even think: hmmm, does this have something to do with the beauty? Well, believe it or not, it does. It is a book about beauty, or, as the author would say, ‘everyday’s glamour’. Never have I thought that I would read a beauty book in just couple of hours, but well, I did, and proudly be placing it on my shelf where everyone could see it. I am not sure I will be borrowing it, though, it is too good to be lost.

I am not the one for writing book reviews, and opinion might be very subjective – I can’t check if it makes me break out, or what it does to my skin, but I do know it did put smile on my lips. So, forgive me the ones coming here for a beauty product reviews, this post is dedicated to thank Charlotte for so many things. So, thank you for:

  • being inspirational: after I have closed the last page – yeah, I read the distributors list from A to Z – I have booked time for facial, appointment at the motion club, and a SPA evening;
  • making me laugh in the room full of people – now I know why counting sheep never works for me, appearently, I need to count beauty products;
  • for making me nod in acknowledgment in some situations – such as being awkward in Spa’s, or not able to get rid of pushy shop assistants;
  • for awakening an extreme need in me to search for the perfect lipstick – no, Chanel lipgloss doesn’t cut it;
  • for making me knowledge hungry, and interested in the biographies of the famous fashion icons, Coco Chanel, Estee Lauder, and others;
  • for inspiring me to explore, and to go behind the story of each product;
  • for helping to solve Christmas gift problem for couple of family members – yeah, you will be lucky ones getting the book;
  •  for showing me the way for the deeper beauty universe;
  • and for writing the first book in Danish I was able to read cover to cover with no trouble.

I highly recommend all of you who are or understand Danish to grab the book, and preferably reading it while treating yourself in a bathtub. Moreover, Charlotte was kind enough to agree to be interviewed by me, so that will be coming in couple of weeks, and hopefully I will be able to introduce my English speaking friends to such an inspirational and motivational person.

Have a fantastic week and don’t forget to come back for more reviews!


Nivea/Femina beauty event

Hi girls,

I am sorry I am not keeping up my goals, but I am feeling kind of under the weather, well or under the blanket (since all I wanna do is hide there, and watch youtube videos). So it kind of goes without saying, but I find it hard to write about something, especially something I love, since I am afraid it might transfer bad emotions to you, and make the post sound dishonest.

However, I do wanna write. So I have spent couple of last days going around the house, and trying to figure out what should I write about. And while I was flicking through a Danish magasine, called Femina, it suddenly hit me. I have been to Nivea/Femina beauty event last week, where we had a great lecture, and got an amazing beauty bag. So I thought, why don’t I share my impressions about the event with you? And if you are nice, I might even show you what is my goodiebag! 🙂 So keep on reading..And have in mind, if I sound a little bit blah, that is my general emotional state, not the fact I am forcing this blogpost. So ever since I have started writing blog everytime I see ‘skønhed’, which is Danish word for beauty, I gotta check out what it is. I remmember being in a train and reading one of those free newspapers you get, and yeah, I saw a word ‘skønhed’ there, and that just so happened to be the ad for the event. I have doubted about it for about a day, but then went ahead and bought the ticket. And was very happy about decision up until the big date, where I had a huge headache, and was considering to bail off. Man, how glad I was I did go. Couple of tips for you:  firstly even irrational shopping at The Body Shop (nope, I am not affiliated, or sponsored, or in any other ways related with the shop) cures the headache. I have acquired two palletes of eyeshadows, for a very low price, since it was a demo product (why I felt I need it, dont ask me), yet another shampoo, and yet another mascara. Sorry, for off topic, but it is kind of related. Second tip, always take some cash to the events like that, if you wanna get some products with reasonable discounts. On the other hand, if you need to save money, or are on the beauty ban, then don’t. 😀

Anyhow, let’s get back to the event, I slowly made my way to the place where it was held, and got scared to hell by seeing so many old ladies there, so I desperately tried to find someone to assure me I was at the right place, but I couldn’t, and it wasn’t up until I saw the Nivea logo,  I was finally convinced it was a right place. I have to tell you, it felt kind of fancy to get your name checked on the list, and only then let inside..  We were greated with a glass of sparkling wine, and I do regret not to checking the brand of it, because I constantly fail to find the tasty and not too dry sparkling wine. Then were was a good quality buffet, with the food provided by princip!, it is a particular grocery store brand here in Denmark. Since it is a beauty blog, I wont go into too much details, but it was very nice and fresh food.

Then we had three nice lectures from inspiring people, and i am sure the older women got a lot of motivation out of it, and a lot of great tips, however, I, at 27 mark, felt a little bit too young. The first speaker was Pernille Aalund, who is innovation manager for Aller Media, and basically she was speaking about how she takes care of herself, and her skin, with a huge dose of humor. Then there was Eva Steensig, consultant and sociolog, and her lecture sent a clear message “stop to smoke and eat healthy” to keep skin fresh and young. The last lecture was given by the doctor, Søs Wollesen, and the main message there was, that the way your skin looks, comes not only from the outside, you need to watch what you are eating, and avoid fruits, since they contain sugar. Even though, it was really anything new, or unknown, I did have a great time.

There also was a posibility to find out your skin type, with a special device (note to myself: always always remember a photo camera to such events), and I was actually really surprised that my skin was over 80 percent normal with a little bit dry T-zone, which results in it overproducing oil. If I understood that correctly, since particular topics in Danish can be and more often than not, is a challenge to me. Then there was an opportunity to get Nivea products much much cheaper, and here is where cash or no cash plays a huge role. Since I didn’t have any cash, I went home almost empty-handed, but that is okay, because I had a hand to carry a huge goodiebag. It was actually really impressed with it, since it contained a Femina magazine, a huge bottle of olive oil by princip!, and a set of Nivea products. I will have to get back on the review part of the products, after I have played around enough with it, for now you should just enjoy the photos. Sorry, there is no photos of the food items, but I hope it is allright? Have a wonderfull week, and come back for more posts later on!


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