Dabur Vatika Dandruff Guard review

They say, that there should be a balance in life, so it is only logical, that after a few rave reviews, I go with one which isn’t that ravy… I just want you to note, that you should really be careful picking the products, especially if/when you are making a transition towards natural, ecological ones. The fact, that it claims to be natural, or that it is sold on the website solely for natural products, wouldn’t guarantee that you will be 100% sure to buy the natural one, after all. But, how do they say, you learn from your own mistakes? I strongly advice you to learn from mine, and read/google the ingredients before you decide to get a certain product. My hair is in extreme need for some pampering, and I thought it might be good idea to give a natural mask a go, because just in couple of weeks I am planning on going all out, and re-dying my hair in crazy bright-color… editor note: that was total failure-since it didn’t turn out how i wanted...It wasn’t until i picked the product up from the post office, when I decided to read what’s on the back of the packaging. And even though, after the first glance there is nothing to suspicious about it, but my eye – oh the joy of having to read every label on every product in my and friends bathrooms – have caught something, called “white oil”. I believe that some people might just assume, that it is just some kind of oil,but I went ahead and googled. And guess what, is nothing else than a mineral oil. I won’t go into the deep discussions, what it is, and why it is not good for you, but I truly believe it shouldn’t be in the natural product..

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And for the product itself, besides the fact that ingredients are turning me completely off, it is just in general blah. I hate the way it smells, I assume it is supposed to smell as lemons, but the smell is very superficial, the consistency is very annoying and it just does nothing for my hair. I have even contemplated throwing it away yesterday, but couldn’t fully judge my decision to do so, so it ended up in the deepest corner in my cabinet. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this to my friend or an enemy, for that matter 🙂 So, stay away! 🙂 I know its kind of short and abrupt, but I have nothing to say about it, sorry :(.


Lumene Touch of Radiance Serum Foundation

Disclaimer: my camera is broken, and no-one knows where the cable of my phone is, so I will have to borrow pictures from the broad internet for a while

Hi there,

I am wondering if I am alone facing this problem every time, but I can’t pick out the right shade/type of foundation no matter how hard I try. It is either too dark, too pink, too yellow, and what not.. My dad’s birthday was few weeks ago, and it is only natural that his only daughter wants to look perfect on that day, right? So I stepped in drugstore the other day, and decided to drop choosing it on my own and asked consultant for help. Now, in Lithuania it is quite rare to meet a consultant who actually is confident and knowledgeable and can give you an advice without reading the labels of the product. Luckily, the girl was really helpful and competent, and willing to help. I think we literally tried every foundation which was at store, except for L’oreal, and with some discussions, we chose a Lumene one. I have never tried any of their products before and i was intrigued, to say at least. I don’t know, if my requirements are low, but already the packaging reminds me more of high-end product than a drugstore one. also, I have to say, it is in the mid-range price wise.

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So, as you can see, the first pro is packaging. It is simple, but doesn’t look cheap, and you can proudly display it on the shelf in your bathroom/makeup vanity.

Secondly, I really like the texture, it is liquidy, but not too much, so it is very easy to put in on your face, and get an even coverage. I wouldn’t say it has a full coverage, more likely the medium one, so if you have some spots/scars you might want to use concealer first. However, it gives you a nice dewy finish, and your skin looks fresh. On the other hand, if you have an oily skin, it might not be your preferred choice, but the matt compact powder can solve this problem.

As for staying power, it is quite impressive as well, and, what is most important for me, it stays put and doesn’t smudge/transfer to phone/pillow and other things :).

I think this compares to Gosh BB cream, which is my Holy Grail, so it is really worth a try. Have a peaceful Sunday afternoon 🙂

Aubrey organics oily skin travel kit

Disclaimer: my camera is broken, and no-one knows where the cable of my phone is, so I will have to borrow pictures from the broad internet for a while.

You know, as a beauty blogger – well, let’s forget the fact, that very inactive one recently,  but my heart and brain do still belong to blogging, and every second of my purchase is argumented with ‘well, it can be material for your blog”, I rarely buy a product twice, because there are simply too many choices out there, and I want to try it all.  But when I do feel like repurchasing something, that usually means, that product is really good. So some time this week- editor note: that obviously was few weeks ago, I picked up Aubrey organics travel kit for oily skin with 50 percent off. Well, guess what, I’m getting a back up when I get a chance. So I thought I would just let you all know, the reasons what made me wanna get a backup.

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My skin have been acting up recently, and i am blaming the weather and long working days in front of computer screen.. However, in just a few uses, it seems to be helping a lot. The set consists of facial cleanser, facial astringent, moisturizer and a mini mask. Even though the whole set is really nice, two outstanding products for me, is facial cleanser and a mask. Facial cleanser has a nice creamy consistency, it smells fresh and minty, and just seems to clear all the impurities you have, leaving your skin squeaky clean.  Also, it is perfect after a hard hot summer day, since the mint provide a slight cooling sensation. And sometimes, after I have just used it, I can’t wait for the evening, so I can use it again. Well, I know I’m weird. However, after just a few uses, my skin is visibly clearer, and even minor scaring from picking on the z’s – yeah, i know, I shouldn’t, seems to be reducing.

Another thing which really excited me in the kit, was the mask. It has a slight warming effect, and I could swear there is some cinnamon in the mask, but I was not able to find that in the ingredients list. However, after you apply a thin layer on your face, you can feel it warming up, and I don’t know about you, but for me, if I can feel mask on my face, I automatically assume, that it means, that it is working. And I feel like it can also be seen on my face. I’m treating my skin every second evening with it at the moment, just to get it to a normal condition, it doesn’t seem to be too much or anything, and I will gladly keep continuing using it. I have also picked the kit for sensitive skin, and I will just see how that one works in the comparison and you can expect a review about it coming in couple of weeks.

Hope you all having a fantastic weekend! 🙂 See you tomorrow.

Thank you, Charlotte

You might think that I am out of my mind, some of you might even think: hmmm, does this have something to do with the beauty? Well, believe it or not, it does. It is a book about beauty, or, as the author would say, ‘everyday’s glamour’. Never have I thought that I would read a beauty book in just couple of hours, but well, I did, and proudly be placing it on my shelf where everyone could see it. I am not sure I will be borrowing it, though, it is too good to be lost.

I am not the one for writing book reviews, and opinion might be very subjective – I can’t check if it makes me break out, or what it does to my skin, but I do know it did put smile on my lips. So, forgive me the ones coming here for a beauty product reviews, this post is dedicated to thank Charlotte for so many things. So, thank you for:

  • being inspirational: after I have closed the last page – yeah, I read the distributors list from A to Z – I have booked time for facial, appointment at the motion club, and a SPA evening;
  • making me laugh in the room full of people – now I know why counting sheep never works for me, appearently, I need to count beauty products;
  • for making me nod in acknowledgment in some situations – such as being awkward in Spa’s, or not able to get rid of pushy shop assistants;
  • for awakening an extreme need in me to search for the perfect lipstick – no, Chanel lipgloss doesn’t cut it;
  • for making me knowledge hungry, and interested in the biographies of the famous fashion icons, Coco Chanel, Estee Lauder, and others;
  • for inspiring me to explore, and to go behind the story of each product;
  • for helping to solve Christmas gift problem for couple of family members – yeah, you will be lucky ones getting the book;
  •  for showing me the way for the deeper beauty universe;
  • and for writing the first book in Danish I was able to read cover to cover with no trouble.

I highly recommend all of you who are or understand Danish to grab the book, and preferably reading it while treating yourself in a bathtub. Moreover, Charlotte was kind enough to agree to be interviewed by me, so that will be coming in couple of weeks, and hopefully I will be able to introduce my English speaking friends to such an inspirational and motivational person.

Have a fantastic week and don’t forget to come back for more reviews!

What are you ready to pay for the lipgloss?

Hi girls, I have been a little bit away from my blog, not only because I have been attending couple of beauty events, but also because I couldn’t find any inspiration. Not that I don’t have products to write about (cough, that basket in the corner, cough), but probably I didnt wanna spread the bad mood I had for the last week, as probably you could have told from my last post. I am in the process of preparing the weekly stars post – I have decided it will be each week, but not on particular day, because it is a little bit easier that way. But meanwhile, I have very important question, how much are you willing to pay for a lipgloss? I made a purchase this week, from my loved store ‘Esthetique” in Vejle (and, no, I am not sponsored nor anyhow related with it), and keep asking myself if it was a good decision. I bought my first (that is not true, the second one), but the first in almost full price, Chanel lipgloss. I love it, I think it amazingly fits me, and I simply had to take it home with me. However, I had to say goodbye to about 187kr (they had 25 percent off on everything in store, the full price is 250kr.). I love my newly found out passion for makeup, however, I think it is a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit too much to pay for ‘just’ a lipgloss. Yeah, I feel amazingly pretty while wearing it, it fits me very good, but still. So I would love to hear your opinions about your limit of spending money on lipgloss, or what is the most expensive one you own? However, I can’t leave without reviewing the lipgloss itself, can I? It is the one from the Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss range, in the shade Insolence (57). As mentioned above, I am in love with the color, it is very pretty pink, but not girlish/barbieish like pink. The brush is a little bit extraordinary, and couple first times while applying it, I was wondering, ‘how do I get the same effect’?? However, once you ‘mastered’ the technique, it is rather easy to use, and it makes your lips soooooooo pretty. It was first such an expensive purchase for me, and probably, the last one, since I am still not sure if it is really worth it, but I can feel that we (me and the lipgloss) is going to get along. And if you are not confinced by my speech yet, let the pictures talk 🙂 However, autumn is already on the go in Denmark, so it was a challenge to make colors show up.

Hope you all are going to have a nice weekend, and come back for new posts.

Just moved in, aka haircare products haul

Hi girls,

it is a very headachy and lazy Sunday for me, however, I feel like I haven’t blogged for a while, and even though I have quite interesting post ready for you, I can’t post it yet, since I am waiting on couple final details. So I looked around, and thought, why won’t I show you the last things I bought, and tell you my first impressions. Somehow, I have been buying a lot of things for my hair, since I am on the mission to grow them back.

I am sorry about the photo, I couldn’t figure out how to compose it properly, but I will show each bottle properly in other posts.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t leave The Body Shop without buying at least one thing, especially if I am out in the city on ‘it is all about me’ shopping or walking tour. So let me start by two of the things I picked up there. I have dyed my hair probably about half a year ago, and I still have nice blond highlights. However, I don’t want to redye them to avoid any damage, so I picked up a “Rain Forest” hair treatment, which is supposed to brighten my highlights. I was bought by scent of it, it is very easy, but sweet, fruity scent, I would say it smells as grapes. I used it once so far, so I am not sure if it did anything for my highlights, however, it did leave my hair very smooth and soft.

Another thing I picked up in The Body Shop was a coconut oil hair shine. I have to admit I picked it up just because I really want something coconut smelling for my hair, and it was the only product with coconut scent I managed to find in Denmark. I tried it once on my hair, and once on boyfriend’s hair. It did leave our hair shiny, and smelling nice, and I believe it should also give it a silky feeling, however, that is just an initial impression.

I have also placed an order from this page just because they have nice deals, and I wanted to try some of the products. The orange bottle in the back is an Orofluido shampoo. I have a Orofluido beauty oil and am extremely happy about it, so I wanted to try shampoo as well. However, after one use I am a little bit doubtfull about it, because it felt like it reduced my hair volume, but I will continue using it and tell you how it goes.

Another shampoo is in the arty bottle and it is by ghd. I sometimes have issues with an itchy scalp and I hoped that this shampoo would help. However, after one time use, I didn’t really see that much of the effect, and I feel like it didn’t do anything at all for my hair, but it can as well be a faulty first impression. Also, the smell for me is too ‘shampooish’, if you know what I mean :). I feel like I am getting picky..

Now my hair is pretty straight, and I don’t really have too much problems with knots, however, I have one specific place, where no matter what I do, it tights itself to a knot, and it is very hard (and painfull) to brush out. So I picked up a detangler from John Masters organics. I really like the smell of it, surprise suprise, it is citrus and neroli. It left my hair silky, however, it didn’t work on the specific problem after one use, and made my hair oily.

I haven’t tried the 60sec by Goldwell yet, so I don’t have that much to say except for the fact, that the smell of it, is a little bit spicy, and maybe even manly, but hopefully, it does wonders on your hair.

I haven’t tried the mask by Maria Nila either, just because I need to convince myself to overcome the smell, which I am not very happy about. I can’t figure out what it smells of, but it is putting me off a little.

And the last product, is somehow related to hair, it a lash renewal serum by L’oreal Paris. I have tried it couple of times before putting make up on, you are also supposed to use it at night. It should give you thicker and longer lashes, and strengthen them as well. Around fall time I start losing my eyelashes, so I thought that would be a nice way to protect that. However, it might be alergising my eyes a little bit, since I get an itchy feeling in the corner of my eye. I can’t say for sure, since I was trying couple of new mascaras as well, we will just have to wait and see.

I am sorry for sounding so pesimistic in this blog post, however, it is just initial impressions, and noone knows, maybe in the long run I will love each and every of those products, don’t worry, you will for sure be informed about that. Hope you have a fantastic Sunday! Let me know, what do you use on your hair, and what is your favorite product, or a recent purchase?

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