Ole Henriksen African Red Tea See the Difference Serum

Oh, I wish it was easier to write than to say it, and it seems like this everyday blogging challenge might not be my cup of tea. On the other hand, I think it might be related due to eight hours  spent at work talking , and when I get home, I just want some silence. That might sound weird to you, but when I write, I speak to myself and you guys in my mind, and it’s not always something I am up to when I get home after a hard day. However, after the popular saying, don’t write if you can not write, but I can’t, so I will try to write as often as I can, maybe at the very least every second or third day.

So my last review was about the cheap and wonderful mask, this one will be about expensive, but amazing serum. I am not sure how many of you have heard about Ole Henriksen brand, I have been introduced to it while in Denmark, or though my student budget didn’t really let me get any of their products, I still used every opportunity to at least get a sample. I am trying to do project pan:sample edition* to use up my makeup pouch full of samples, and I have pulled an Ole Henriksen See the difference serum. On one hand, I’m so glad I did, on the other, I kind of wish I hadn’t, since I’ve became obsessed with it, and I want to get a full size, but not only we don’t have it here, it also costs quite a lot if it needs to be ordered over the internet. So if any of you ever see it on discount on any of homepage, would you please be so kind and yell aloud :)?

If you are a regular reader of mine – hopefully more regular than me as a blogger – you should know I find it hard to write a post without a long introduction, but let me try to get to the description of the product :).

The first thing you notice when using the product, is the smell. Its amazing, if you are just as much lemon scent lover as I am. It smells amazing, it has very refreshing scent, and its great for both waking you up and helping you to get ready for the night.

Secondly, I love the consistency of this serum. I dont know about you, but I am not a fan of those very liquidy clear serums, mostly just because, being as clumsy as I am, I manage to get it all over place, and they leave sticky consistency on my face. This serum, however, has more of the creamy fluid consistence, which I really like, it makes it very easy to massage it all over my face and it doesn’t leave my face sticky.

Thirdly, -I know every second blogger says this, but I don’t know how not to –  a little bit goes a long way, and I’ve been using a tiny little sample for four days now, day and night, and I still have some left. So I guess you would use the full size package forever, and in the end you will end up actually saving money.

And for the impact on my skin, I am also excitedly impressed. Long hours in front of computer makes my skin look dull and tired, but I can honestly tell this serum have refreshed it and made much more brighter. Also, I know its’ primary function isn’t to correct dark under eyes, but it must be a vitamin c in the product, which have brightened my under eye area and I could even say tightened it a little bit.

And last, but not least, did I mention that my skin is baby soft ever since I’ve been using this product? 🙂 Overall, I think I have run out of words which describes how awesome this product is, but I’m very very impressed. Tell me, did you ever tried any of Ole Henriksen products? Did you like them?

I hope you all have a wonderfull weekend!

*project pan is when you choose a said amount of products which have been occupying space in your vanity for too long, and set your mind on using them up 🙂

Face Mask “Teebaum” review

Moving from ecological, quite extraordinary products to the ones affordable to anyone, I would like to talk about the face mask, called “Teebaum”. My overseas friends, I apologize one more time, you probably don’t have this either, but its good I am doing swaps with some of you, huh? Or though I love myself some luxury in my skincare routines, in no way do I look down on cheap products, especially if they have raves all over the internet. One of Lithuanian biggest forums have pushed me into making the decision to pick this mask up, and I am glad, I did.

It is a deep cleaning clay mask, with the Russian origins, I believe. It does have a minty scent – have you noticed my obsession with mint yet? :), a pale green color – so if you have a second half, or sensitive family members, aim to apply it while alone to avoid giving someone a heart atack.

In my eyes this mask has just a perfect consistency, which is not too stiff, not too runny, and just perfect to apply straight of the tube.  I think I have already mentioned somewhere, but I have to feel my mask on my face, let it be heating, tingling, or tightening on my face, or otherwise in my head, its being put on “it doesn’t work” shelf. This give me a slight sensation of tingling and tightening my face, and after I have used it, my pores looks tiny bit smaller. Moreover, my skin feels a tiny bit brighter and cleaner after just one use. I won’t say it does miracles overnight, but it does clean your skin. If you are not commitment phoebe, and can use the same mask several times in a row a week, I strongly recommend you pick this up. However, if you have more drier skin, you might want to skip it, because I found it slightly drying on my combination skin. But, besides its  availability, and a tiny bit difficulty washing it off, its the only con I can think off :). Tell me, have you tried it? Do you have it in your country?

Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow 🙂

Lumene Touch of Radiance Serum Foundation

Disclaimer: my camera is broken, and no-one knows where the cable of my phone is, so I will have to borrow pictures from the broad internet for a while

Hi there,

I am wondering if I am alone facing this problem every time, but I can’t pick out the right shade/type of foundation no matter how hard I try. It is either too dark, too pink, too yellow, and what not.. My dad’s birthday was few weeks ago, and it is only natural that his only daughter wants to look perfect on that day, right? So I stepped in drugstore the other day, and decided to drop choosing it on my own and asked consultant for help. Now, in Lithuania it is quite rare to meet a consultant who actually is confident and knowledgeable and can give you an advice without reading the labels of the product. Luckily, the girl was really helpful and competent, and willing to help. I think we literally tried every foundation which was at store, except for L’oreal, and with some discussions, we chose a Lumene one. I have never tried any of their products before and i was intrigued, to say at least. I don’t know, if my requirements are low, but already the packaging reminds me more of high-end product than a drugstore one. also, I have to say, it is in the mid-range price wise.

photo courtesy of lumene.com

So, as you can see, the first pro is packaging. It is simple, but doesn’t look cheap, and you can proudly display it on the shelf in your bathroom/makeup vanity.

Secondly, I really like the texture, it is liquidy, but not too much, so it is very easy to put in on your face, and get an even coverage. I wouldn’t say it has a full coverage, more likely the medium one, so if you have some spots/scars you might want to use concealer first. However, it gives you a nice dewy finish, and your skin looks fresh. On the other hand, if you have an oily skin, it might not be your preferred choice, but the matt compact powder can solve this problem.

As for staying power, it is quite impressive as well, and, what is most important for me, it stays put and doesn’t smudge/transfer to phone/pillow and other things :).

I think this compares to Gosh BB cream, which is my Holy Grail, so it is really worth a try. Have a peaceful Sunday afternoon 🙂

Aubrey organics oily skin travel kit

Disclaimer: my camera is broken, and no-one knows where the cable of my phone is, so I will have to borrow pictures from the broad internet for a while.

You know, as a beauty blogger – well, let’s forget the fact, that very inactive one recently,  but my heart and brain do still belong to blogging, and every second of my purchase is argumented with ‘well, it can be material for your blog”, I rarely buy a product twice, because there are simply too many choices out there, and I want to try it all.  But when I do feel like repurchasing something, that usually means, that product is really good. So some time this week- editor note: that obviously was few weeks ago, I picked up Aubrey organics travel kit for oily skin with 50 percent off. Well, guess what, I’m getting a back up when I get a chance. So I thought I would just let you all know, the reasons what made me wanna get a backup.

picture courtesy of: http://www.pharmacy4u.gr

My skin have been acting up recently, and i am blaming the weather and long working days in front of computer screen.. However, in just a few uses, it seems to be helping a lot. The set consists of facial cleanser, facial astringent, moisturizer and a mini mask. Even though the whole set is really nice, two outstanding products for me, is facial cleanser and a mask. Facial cleanser has a nice creamy consistency, it smells fresh and minty, and just seems to clear all the impurities you have, leaving your skin squeaky clean.  Also, it is perfect after a hard hot summer day, since the mint provide a slight cooling sensation. And sometimes, after I have just used it, I can’t wait for the evening, so I can use it again. Well, I know I’m weird. However, after just a few uses, my skin is visibly clearer, and even minor scaring from picking on the z’s – yeah, i know, I shouldn’t, seems to be reducing.

Another thing which really excited me in the kit, was the mask. It has a slight warming effect, and I could swear there is some cinnamon in the mask, but I was not able to find that in the ingredients list. However, after you apply a thin layer on your face, you can feel it warming up, and I don’t know about you, but for me, if I can feel mask on my face, I automatically assume, that it means, that it is working. And I feel like it can also be seen on my face. I’m treating my skin every second evening with it at the moment, just to get it to a normal condition, it doesn’t seem to be too much or anything, and I will gladly keep continuing using it. I have also picked the kit for sensitive skin, and I will just see how that one works in the comparison and you can expect a review about it coming in couple of weeks.

Hope you all having a fantastic weekend! 🙂 See you tomorrow.

Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream Review

Disclaimer: my camera is broken, and no-one knows where the cable of my phone is, so I will have to borrow pictures from the broad internet for a while.


hi there, let is kick this blogging everyday with style, shall we? I don’t know about you, but I sometimes tend to overlook natural, eco products due to probably not such attractive packaging, the fact that they are not commercialized too much, or maybe even a tiny bit pricier than your normal choice. However, once you dig in, there is hardly any way out :). I had one of those i don’t feel too good walks in the city the other day, and since my mood have affected my purchases – which equaled total zero, but it is a shame to leave shopping mall with nothing in hand, right? So i picked up Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream on a total whim, and oh boy, am I glad I did.

Picture source: http://optimumhealthvitamins.com

Or though, I have to admit before you start using it, you might get a little “cultural” shock, because, the smell, is, well, natural… and what comes out of the packet, doesn’t really remind any of the fancier face washes/scrubs. But if you are willing to overlook that, I can tell you, you are in for a treat 🙂

A little part of me thinks, that a little placebo effect works here as well, because I could already see the difference after the first time, I did an allergy patch test 🙂 However, from that moment on, I don’t wanna use anything else, especially in the evening, and I am contemplating to get a full sized package, despite it is price, so that says a lot.

What I like most about it, is the clean face feeling you get after using. It has small grains, but it is much more gentle than your usual scrub, hence perfectly fine to use every evening and morning 🙂 Or though, for the morning, I would probably go for something a bit lighter, because the face doesn’t get that dirty over the night as oppose to all the pollution it gets exposed to over the day. Im pretty sure it works great for removing makeup as well, but somehow I don’t feel comfortable taking makeup off with this, so I start with usual cleanser. Update: I did try, and it works like a charm, but due to little grains, I avoided it around eye area. Anyway, after all my skin have improved after I have been using it, and I don’t freak out that much looking at the mirror anymore. So, if you have an opportunity, definitely pick it up to try, I can’t recommend enough! That is if you still trust my opinion after I haven’t been blogging for ages 🙂

Have a nice Friday 🙂

AdoreBox, March 2013

Hi girls,

I feel so bad for not writing anything in such a long time, even though I have plenty of ideas, but recently I have been in a constant non-writing mood. No matter, how much I tried to motivate myself and how many new products I have tried or how many magazines I have read and how many stores I have visited for an inspiration. Anyway, I have decided I really gotta get back to writing, and I will be trying to establish some kind of a system, where I would publish themed posts, or would post on a particular day about particular product. So far I am thinking to post about haircare on Thursdays and Wish-lists, must/want haves on Sunday. If you have some other ideas, please don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments down below.

So let me stop making up excuses and let me start by actually posting something blog related. I have a very nice discovery to share with you all. I am pretty sure my friends in Lithuania would be excited to hear, that we finally have a beauty subscription service in our country. It is called AdoreBox – don’t you just love the title? To the ones not familiar with the concept, it is basically like a magazine subscription, but instead of magazine, you get a beauty box filled with full and deluxe sample sized products each month. You can read more about it more here in Lithuanian and here in English. Besides the regular subscription box, where you pay 39litas a month (app. 15$) , you can also get themed boxes, which were created in collaboration with some brands, such as L’occitane and Dr. Organic. Moreover, you can also get a luxury box, where you will find full size products of prestigious brands. I have had an opportunity to try out regular monthly box, and to say, that I was impressed would be an understatement. I took a little time to try out products in the box before making conclusions, but if they would continue in this pace, I am sure the company would get as far as other well-known subscription boxes. Oh, and have I mentioned they also are in Poland, Estonia and Latvia? Are you excited yet? So let’s talk about March’s box – you get a previous month box by the 10th of the next month..

It comes packaged in a stylish black box, with a ribbon, which, I believe, differs every month, this time it was golden:

In my box I found a pretty card with my name on it – a small, subtle detail, but it reveals, that each and every box is handled with care. Just look what I found, when I dug deeper.

The first thing I saw was a set of “Keune” So Pure shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair (approximate value of 29lt for a conditioner and 30lt for the shampoo) . I have tried them several times, and my hair seems to like it. It smells really nice, even though slightly herbal. For my personal taste shampoo could lather a little bit better, but I know, the more it lathers, the more chemicals are there, so I am willing to overlook that fact. The conditioner gives your hair volume, and man, do I need it with my thinning and falling hair. I found out it works best if you blow dry your hair after you washed them and used the conditioner, it really gives you nice hair fall and gives you a pretty do.

Another rather surprising find in the box was Ayucare Neem toothpaste (full size 100ml value 11 litas, so 10ml would account to 1.1litas), and as much as I hate to admit it, I think it is my favorite product from the box so far. I would have never thought, that toothpaste could impress me that much, let alone make me want to use only that one and nothing else. It doesn’t have that artificial mint taste, and I swear, it makes your mouth feel cleaner than your ”normal” toothpaste. It is a definite must have for me, and I am on lookout of a full size product. Never getting back to usual toothpaste.

The third thing which made me rather excited, was L’occitane shower gel (value of 12litas). Even though I have enough shower gels at home, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try out this one. It was very pleasant experience as well, it has a nice citrus-y smell which is quite refreshing, it lathers up pretty well, and it leaves your skin hydrated and scent lingers for a while. And I think the bottle is very cute, and it will end up in my ”I don’t know what I will do with it, but it might prove itself useful” pile..

There also was a full size mascara (value of 22 litas), which I couldn’t bring myself to open since I have about 13 other ones waiting to be tried and used up, so I will have to get back on that later on. By the way, every month you have an option to freely choose one of products in the list, this time it was mascaras, and april month’s box is offering “Di Palomo” hand cream in 4 different scents.

Another exciting thing, which I haven’t tried yet, but was happy to receive, is Verdeoasi biomarine therapy face cream/scrub (I would say aproximate value would be 6 litas). It comes in a nice packaging, however, I am a little put off by a fact that even though, the tube is quite big, there is only a drop of actual product there, but I suppose it is not a team’s fault and they couldn’t know it. Anyway, once I try that I will be getting back to writing a decent review.

One more thing in the box was serum for thinning and falling hair (value of 10litas), which I am very excited to try, but haven’t yet, since you are supposed to leave it on for 10 to 60 minutes before washing your hair, but I seem to fail to remember that prior to washing. So I will have to get back to that as well.

And last, but not least, there were some samples of a brand called “cu:skin” and one day cream sample from a professional brand “algologie””. Even though they write the value of samples as well, I won’t, because I don’t think sample sachets should be valued. So the overall value of the box is aproximately 100litas, which I think is very nice and you get a decent value for your money. I am so happy I had an opportunity to try this box out. Have you ever tried AdoreBox? Do you subscribe to other beauty boxes? Let me know!

Hope you all have a great week.

Disclaimer: I have been sent the box for free, however, my opinions are completely honest, and if I won’t like the product, I will tell you so, and I am not sponsored or affiliated with the company.

Macadamia oil haircare

Hi guys, I hope you all having an amazing week. You know, your are not feeling too well, when it takes a month to write a blog post – yeah, this particular one…But I won’t bother editing it too much, and will leave it as it is in progress, so it is not just another dry review – no pun intended.

I have been having non-stop headaches every second day, and today it seems to turn into those annoying migraine ones..But it looks like my inspiration is coming back to me slowly, and creeping up my spine, whispering all those ideas to my ears. I believe the fact, that I have gone through my makeup/skincare collection in case to sort it out, and make some photos, might have helped as well. I am considering uploading my collection, so you can ask questions, and impressions on products, and suggest me, which broad reviews you would like to see in the near future.

Couple of months ago, I have been in the ShoppingBazaar event, where they had crazy deals on clothes, cosmetics and such. On a total wimp, I have picked up Macadamia series oil, which I instantly felt in love with. So much so, actually, that I got back another day, and picked up the leave-in conditioner, and had rather funny experience grabbing a de-tangler, apparently  it was so new, that no-one knew the price. The funny story is, that apparently, it was just gotten that day in the store, and someone have accidentally grabbed it to the show room. The friend sales assistant form a Danish cheapest shop on hair care, BEAUTYCOS,  wasn’t even able to find a price on their inner server, web-page, or, even, in any English sites. I can’t remember  how much exactly I paid, but I think it was around 60 something kroner. I have promised to pay back for writing about the products, so, here I am. Let’s start by the oil: I really would love to write a long ode to praise, however, with that stubborn headache, none of suitable words come to my mind, except for, that the smell of it is divine – light vanilla  somehow reminding me of Sunday mornings, when my mom used to bake some pancakes and spoil us with breakfast in bed. The effect on hair, is also amazing, it helps for dry ends, and gives a tiny bit of glow. Even though, bottle is not the biggest, but it is very economical and would last me a while. Next, the leave-in conditioning cream. If used sparingly, it does do wonders on your hair, it smooths them, somehow, my hair always feel thicker after I have used it, and it smells divine. Couple weeks ago I met my friend I haven’t seen for a while, her first words were “you smell stunning” and she kept smelling me all evening long. I think that speaks for itself, and I would say, that is definitely one of those products, which is better to be tried when read about. Are you running down to the store already? 🙂 If not, just finish reading this post about de-tangler… Do you also have extremely dry, but prone to oily hair, which gets into impossible to brush mess with every move? I do, and, oh, man, do I know how annoying it is. I don’t even count the times when I had to ask someone to brush my hair out, either because of constant pain in my back, or due to the fact, that it was so painful, i barely could handle hurting myself! I have tried so many detanglers, but so far, this one is the best for my liking, or though it does have most faint scent compared to the conditioner and the oil. Next in my plans is their mask, flawless cleansing conditioner, and a comb. Have you ever tried the products? Which is your favorite? How do you take care of your hair?

Wish you all a perfect weekend!

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