AdoreBox, March 2013

Hi girls,

I feel so bad for not writing anything in such a long time, even though I have plenty of ideas, but recently I have been in a constant non-writing mood. No matter, how much I tried to motivate myself and how many new products I have tried or how many magazines I have read and how many stores I have visited for an inspiration. Anyway, I have decided I really gotta get back to writing, and I will be trying to establish some kind of a system, where I would publish themed posts, or would post on a particular day about particular product. So far I am thinking to post about haircare on Thursdays and Wish-lists, must/want haves on Sunday. If you have some other ideas, please don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments down below.

So let me stop making up excuses and let me start by actually posting something blog related. I have a very nice discovery to share with you all. I am pretty sure my friends in Lithuania would be excited to hear, that we finally have a beauty subscription service in our country. It is called AdoreBox – don’t you just love the title? To the ones not familiar with the concept, it is basically like a magazine subscription, but instead of magazine, you get a beauty box filled with full and deluxe sample sized products each month. You can read more about it more here in Lithuanian and here in English. Besides the regular subscription box, where you pay 39litas a month (app. 15$) , you can also get themed boxes, which were created in collaboration with some brands, such as L’occitane and Dr. Organic. Moreover, you can also get a luxury box, where you will find full size products of prestigious brands. I have had an opportunity to try out regular monthly box, and to say, that I was impressed would be an understatement. I took a little time to try out products in the box before making conclusions, but if they would continue in this pace, I am sure the company would get as far as other well-known subscription boxes. Oh, and have I mentioned they also are in Poland, Estonia and Latvia? Are you excited yet? So let’s talk about March’s box – you get a previous month box by the 10th of the next month..

It comes packaged in a stylish black box, with a ribbon, which, I believe, differs every month, this time it was golden:

In my box I found a pretty card with my name on it – a small, subtle detail, but it reveals, that each and every box is handled with care. Just look what I found, when I dug deeper.

The first thing I saw was a set of “Keune” So Pure shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair (approximate value of 29lt for a conditioner and 30lt for the shampoo) . I have tried them several times, and my hair seems to like it. It smells really nice, even though slightly herbal. For my personal taste shampoo could lather a little bit better, but I know, the more it lathers, the more chemicals are there, so I am willing to overlook that fact. The conditioner gives your hair volume, and man, do I need it with my thinning and falling hair. I found out it works best if you blow dry your hair after you washed them and used the conditioner, it really gives you nice hair fall and gives you a pretty do.

Another rather surprising find in the box was Ayucare Neem toothpaste (full size 100ml value 11 litas, so 10ml would account to 1.1litas), and as much as I hate to admit it, I think it is my favorite product from the box so far. I would have never thought, that toothpaste could impress me that much, let alone make me want to use only that one and nothing else. It doesn’t have that artificial mint taste, and I swear, it makes your mouth feel cleaner than your ”normal” toothpaste. It is a definite must have for me, and I am on lookout of a full size product. Never getting back to usual toothpaste.

The third thing which made me rather excited, was L’occitane shower gel (value of 12litas). Even though I have enough shower gels at home, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try out this one. It was very pleasant experience as well, it has a nice citrus-y smell which is quite refreshing, it lathers up pretty well, and it leaves your skin hydrated and scent lingers for a while. And I think the bottle is very cute, and it will end up in my ”I don’t know what I will do with it, but it might prove itself useful” pile..

There also was a full size mascara (value of 22 litas), which I couldn’t bring myself to open since I have about 13 other ones waiting to be tried and used up, so I will have to get back on that later on. By the way, every month you have an option to freely choose one of products in the list, this time it was mascaras, and april month’s box is offering “Di Palomo” hand cream in 4 different scents.

Another exciting thing, which I haven’t tried yet, but was happy to receive, is Verdeoasi biomarine therapy face cream/scrub (I would say aproximate value would be 6 litas). It comes in a nice packaging, however, I am a little put off by a fact that even though, the tube is quite big, there is only a drop of actual product there, but I suppose it is not a team’s fault and they couldn’t know it. Anyway, once I try that I will be getting back to writing a decent review.

One more thing in the box was serum for thinning and falling hair (value of 10litas), which I am very excited to try, but haven’t yet, since you are supposed to leave it on for 10 to 60 minutes before washing your hair, but I seem to fail to remember that prior to washing. So I will have to get back to that as well.

And last, but not least, there were some samples of a brand called “cu:skin” and one day cream sample from a professional brand “algologie””. Even though they write the value of samples as well, I won’t, because I don’t think sample sachets should be valued. So the overall value of the box is aproximately 100litas, which I think is very nice and you get a decent value for your money. I am so happy I had an opportunity to try this box out. Have you ever tried AdoreBox? Do you subscribe to other beauty boxes? Let me know!

Hope you all have a great week.

Disclaimer: I have been sent the box for free, however, my opinions are completely honest, and if I won’t like the product, I will tell you so, and I am not sponsored or affiliated with the company.

Starbox, September 2012

Hi there,

Have I ever told you how much I love the concept of subscription boxes? I think it is the best way to try and get to know new products, interesting brands, and  without having to spend too much money. Even though I enjoy living in Denmark, I do feel jealous for those out in USA or UK, there they have a wider choice. However, there are couple of them which do deliver internationally, and one of them is by the company Starlooks, called Starbox. It is quite an extraordinary concept, since as oppose to deluxe samples, you get three to four full size products and all of them is by Starlooks. Let’s take a look at the September months box firstly, and discuss all the perks and benefits you get as a subscriber afterwards, shall we?

This month Starbox have been very generous, and have filled box with the monographic eyeshadow pallette, the eyeshadow primer, eye jewelry, and a crystal which comes with every box as make-up holder filler. To be honest, at my first sight on the pallette, I thought, really?? the pigmentation is awful, and there is no color payoff. Silly me, judging the book from its cover. I have decided to give it a try anyway, and guess what? The eyeshadows are very nice, it gives a pretty shine, and would really help to create amazing looks, especially layered over simple colors. I have always wanted to try an eyeshadow primer, but never got to buying one, so thanks to Starlooks, I had the opportunity to do so this month. The texture is similar to the balm, it slides on easily, and it does really help eyeshadows to stay on place. I haven’t tried the eye jewelrely yet, but I think I will look around and save it for creating a gorgeous New Year’s Eve look.

The Starbox is not just a subscription service sending a box out every month, it is an unique concept, which has much more cons than any others I have heard about so far. To start with, couple weeks before sending the box, they release a themed look book, which you can use as a hint trying to guess what products will be in your box, and after you have gotten the box you can use it as an inspiration creating gorgeous looks. Last time was my personal favorite, “running with wolfes”, just take a look here. Secondly, Starlooks asks for your birthday date, and includes a birthday surprise in the box on your birth month. The most common fear for the subscription services, I suppose, is uncustomized box, and getting the colors you can’t use. Not to worry, Starlooks take care of that as well, for example this month they have been asking for your skin color, so I suppose you will be getting either a foundation or concealer, or something similar to that. Moreover, they have various programs for loyal subscribers, I specifically included promotion card in the picture, and as you can see there, if you recommend at least one friend – and I am sure that is what you would like to do as soon as you open your box, you can get a free box. And all that is just for 15$ for month. International readers, however, needs to contact Starlooks customer service before subscription, but don’t be afraid – they are really friendly, and respond promptly. Tell me, what you think, and stay tuned for the swatches and looks later on. And if you do decide to subscribe, please tell them I sent you, would you? Have a very nice week!

p.s. they are cruelty free as well!

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