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Hi guys, I hope you all having an amazing week. You know, your are not feeling too well, when it takes a month to write a blog post – yeah, this particular one…But I won’t bother editing it too much, and will leave it as it is in progress, so it is not just another dry review – no pun intended.

I have been having non-stop headaches every second day, and today it seems to turn into those annoying migraine ones..But it looks like my inspiration is coming back to me slowly, and creeping up my spine, whispering all those ideas to my ears. I believe the fact, that I have gone through my makeup/skincare collection in case to sort it out, and make some photos, might have helped as well. I am considering uploading my collection, so you can ask questions, and impressions on products, and suggest me, which broad reviews you would like to see in the near future.

Couple of months ago, I have been in the ShoppingBazaar event, where they had crazy deals on clothes, cosmetics and such. On a total wimp, I have picked up Macadamia series oil, which I instantly felt in love with. So much so, actually, that I got back another day, and picked up the leave-in conditioner, and had rather funny experience grabbing a de-tangler, apparently  it was so new, that no-one knew the price. The funny story is, that apparently, it was just gotten that day in the store, and someone have accidentally grabbed it to the show room. The friend sales assistant form a Danish cheapest shop on hair care, BEAUTYCOS,  wasn’t even able to find a price on their inner server, web-page, or, even, in any English sites. I can’t remember  how much exactly I paid, but I think it was around 60 something kroner. I have promised to pay back for writing about the products, so, here I am. Let’s start by the oil: I really would love to write a long ode to praise, however, with that stubborn headache, none of suitable words come to my mind, except for, that the smell of it is divine – light vanilla  somehow reminding me of Sunday mornings, when my mom used to bake some pancakes and spoil us with breakfast in bed. The effect on hair, is also amazing, it helps for dry ends, and gives a tiny bit of glow. Even though, bottle is not the biggest, but it is very economical and would last me a while. Next, the leave-in conditioning cream. If used sparingly, it does do wonders on your hair, it smooths them, somehow, my hair always feel thicker after I have used it, and it smells divine. Couple weeks ago I met my friend I haven’t seen for a while, her first words were “you smell stunning” and she kept smelling me all evening long. I think that speaks for itself, and I would say, that is definitely one of those products, which is better to be tried when read about. Are you running down to the store already? 🙂 If not, just finish reading this post about de-tangler… Do you also have extremely dry, but prone to oily hair, which gets into impossible to brush mess with every move? I do, and, oh, man, do I know how annoying it is. I don’t even count the times when I had to ask someone to brush my hair out, either because of constant pain in my back, or due to the fact, that it was so painful, i barely could handle hurting myself! I have tried so many detanglers, but so far, this one is the best for my liking, or though it does have most faint scent compared to the conditioner and the oil. Next in my plans is their mask, flawless cleansing conditioner, and a comb. Have you ever tried the products? Which is your favorite? How do you take care of your hair?

Wish you all a perfect weekend!


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